Wednesday, June 1, 2016

"First Islamic Smartphone," Created by Notorious Sharia Law and Terrorist Supporter Zakir Naik, is Shipping From 2140 W. Fulton Street in Chicago

India and Dubai-based preacher Zakir Naik is launching the world's "first Islamic smartphone." It's called "Peace Mobile 2" and according to to its website, it is currently shipping from an office in Chicago's West Loop. This what the building looks like, according to Google.

Naik is fairly well-known in India, the middle-east and the world Islamic community in general and has been the recipient of various honors and awards. He is the founder and President of the Islamic Research Foundation and the founder of Peace TV.

While cultivating a friendly and "modern" persona, Zakir Naik is a supporter of straight down-the-line Sharia. Here are some of his publicly stated views:
  • Apostates from Islam should be put to death (or more precisely, they should be put to death if they start publicly peaching against Islam or for another religion).
  • Homosexuals should be put to death.
  • Dhimmi status for non-Muslims in Muslim countries. No preaching of other faiths. No new churches or temples, etc.
  • Having sex with one's female slaves is Halal.
  • Etc.
He has also made supportive claims about Osama Bin Laden and terrorism in general (although he is always ready with the usual denials about what he really meant, etc.), thinks Bush brought down the Twin Towers (when he's not praising Bin Laden for doing so), thinks Jews are the enemy of the world and so on and so forth.

In other words, your basic Muslim preacher.

Or not. Maybe most Muslims are moderates and he's an extremist.

Regardless, Zakir Naik himself is clearly an Islamo-fascist demagogue who wants your Christian convert classmate to be stoned to death or enslaved. Ditto for your lesbian classmate.

And his latest project is based in Chicago.

Where are the protesters?

Oh, right. They're forcibly shutting down Milo Yiannopoulos from speaking at DePaul.

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  1. Does this phone have an app to show you location of the nearest gps enabled goat?