Saturday, October 3, 2015

Maher Zain, Top Muslim Singer in West, Models ISIS Swag

"Buy my albums or I'll burn you in a cage."

From Maher Zain's official website (via The Muslim Issue):
Maher Zain is a Swedish R&B singer, songwriter & music producer of Lebanese origin. He released 2 albums with Awakening Records, Thank You Allah (2009) & Forgive Me (2012). Maher worked in New York with internationally renowned producer RedOne (Akon, Lady Gaga, etc) but he chose instead to make music that reflects his roots.
Zain has over a million followers and twenty-five million "likes" on Facebook.

The party line is that Muslims, especially Western Muslims hate ISIS because 99.99% of Western Muslims are "moderate" and ISIS is, as we all know, a perverted perversion of Islam with no more connection to that exalted monotheistic faith than, say, the Westboro Baptist Church has to Episcopalians.

That is, of course, a lie.

Ask yourself why ISIS has attracted the largest proportion of foreign volunteers from all over the world of any military movement in modern history, by now far surpassing the numbers for The Spanish Civil War, for example.

For a great many Muslims, even "Westernized" Muslims like the popular Swedish singer Maher Zain, ISIS is, well . . . 

ISIS is their bitch.

These pictures are from the website of the Turkish Boutique Ottoman Jewelry Co., and according to The Muslim Issue it is one of many Turkish sites that sells ISIS swag. After lifting the authoritarian nationalist lid on Islam a few years ago, half of Turkey is giddy about ISIS.

For interested readers, The Muslim Issue has much more on this particular site and the phenomenon of ISIS swag in general.

The ring is 925 grade sterling silver, by the way, and is part of the "Luxury Ottoman Collection" for men.

It's for the Westernized Muslim who may not want to pick up a gun and get dirty but who wants to, as they say, bear witness.  


  1. Every person who comes to America wh wears this ring or other swag should not be allowed entry as it may simbolize showing support for ISIS

  2. Well in that case, why does the top Muslim singer in the West enjoy modeling an ISIS ring? So, I guess I'll see you at the next "Not in Our Name" Rally. What's your name again?

  3. First i'm gonna say that not all Muslims know and are apart of ISIS and leave that commenter alone it is her/his perspective of and just saying aren't you guys the one who say "This is a free world and you can say whatever you want and besides what do know about ISIS Huh ........And your last person that should be speaking I mean ....look at the KKK and hitler and the black and white Segregation thing and were any Muslims part of that cause i don't remember anyone saying anything about a Muslim KKK Participant do you.... yes and btw it not you're business to ask why he is wearing that ring who even knows if this is a reliable website or should i say blogspot ...SO BUZZ OFF AND GET A LIFE.

  4. The key phrase here is "and besides what do know about ISIS Huh".

  5. Oh and did I forget to capitalize hitler and your question is just seems to be proving my point not all Muslims know much about ISIS and barely care and if you want to keep questioning and arguing go ahead cause I am very professional at it

  6. Btw it is the same person if thats what you're next lame question will be:'(