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Straight Night at the Gay Bar, Pacific Islanders Gone Wild, Violent Boyfriends and the Girls Who Love Them and a Hero Who Almost Died (Again)

A security camera appears to show the moment Spencer Stone was stabbed

Once again, a British newspaper has the exclusive scoop. From The Daily Mail, a few hours ago:
EXCLUSIVE: Train terror hero Spencer Stone was stabbed after 'trying to protect a girl being punched by her boyfriend' during gay club's 'straight night' - then she fled with attackers 
Stone was stabbed four times in the chest in Sacramento, California 
He was seen fighting off a group of three men - two of them Asian men being hunted by cops after fleeing scene in a car 
Eyewitness tells Daily Mail Online he saw one of the men hit a woman who appeared to be his girlfriend - then Stone stepped in 
'It looked like Spencer was defending her,' says worker at liquor store opposite club. 'He wasn't the one that started the fight.' 
Woman fled with the suspects and can be seen getting into car with them 
Stone's shirt was covered in blood but he was still walking after the stabbing, says eyewitness 
American train hero Spencer Stone was stabbed trying to protect a girl who was getting punched by her boyfriend, it was claimed last night. 
Eyewitness Eric Cain revealed Wednesday night's stabbing in Sacramento was over a girl who then fled the scene - with the two suspects. 
The mystery woman, apparently dressed in 'pants and a tank top' can be seen getting into the getaway car with the two men in new security camera footage released by police last night. 
A 24-year-old woman - thought to be the same one - was treated for minor injuries after the brawl. 
Cain, 38, who was working at A&P Liquor store at 21st and K Street on Wednesday night, and saw the argument and ensuing fight happen, told Daily Mail Online: 'It looked like Spencer was defending her. 
'I figured it was a girlfriend thing, I saw this girl get hit and then the whole fight, I figured it was a girlfriend dispute or something like that. 
'I thought the girl was with him the whole time, the way he looked like he was defending her. And then she ends up leaving with the guys [who stabbed him].' 
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Police were called to K Street at 12.46am after a member of the public alerted them to the fight. 
The 23-year-old U.S. airman, who bravely tackled a terrorist gunman aboard a Paris-bound train over the summer leading to him and his two friends being hailed as heroes was today in a serious but stable condition at hospital. 
The brawl was caught on A&P Liquor's security camera in footage released publicly by police yesterday in a bid to catch the attackers. 
Deputy Police Chief Ken Bernard earlier described the near fatal fight as part of a 'very unfortunate altercation between two groups of folks who were enjoying the nightlife' in Sacramento's midtown area. 
Stone is said to have been enjoying a night out with three female and one male friend and had been at Badlands dance club just down the road. 
Although the club is mostly gay, Wednesday night is known as 'straight night'. 
Bernard said the assault may have been related to a 'nightclub incident' earlier in the evening. 
He emphasized the stabbing was 'not related to terrorism in any way' and that Stone's attackers may not even have known he was famous. 
The airman was stabbed in the torso and underwent surgery in UC Davis hospital intensive care unit. 
Before the fight started there was a group of about eight people arguing for about five to ten minutes. 
They are seen fleeing the scene and then getting into a vehicle that pulled up. Police are searching for two Asian men in connection with the stabbing. 
The woman who ended up fleeing with the suspects got hit twice, according to Eric. He said: 'She got hit twice, and that was mainly what I saw started the fight. 
'She got punched first out here (in the street) and then she got punched right after he got stabbed. 
'He (Spencer) was right in the middle of it first time she got knocked. First time she got punched, she didn't get punched that hard. 
'She got in the middle of it too, she started hitting one of the Asian guys, She was part of the fight. 
'I don't know if he got in the middle of a domestic dispute or something? 
'The main people that were in the fight were the two Asian guys and Spencer and the girl was in the middle of it. They were the only ones really fighting. 
'I don't know if she was trying to stop it or if she was instigating it. 
'The second time she was hit she got punched in the face. You can see it right on the tape after he got stabbed, if you look at her you can see she totally gets knocked.' 
Describing the men involved, Eric said: 'There was one taller Asian dude and one skinnier, shorter Asian dude and the taller Asian dude is the one that hit her. The shorter one was the one that stabbed Spencer I guess.' 
Eric was stunned when he saw the woman get in a 'dark sedan' getaway car with the men who had abused her and stabbed Spencer. 
He said: 'The girl he was sticking up for left with the guys that stabbed him.' 
Just before she fled with them Eric saw the woman kick a moving taxi in frustration.   
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The 23-year-old U.S. airman 1st class was one of the three Americans who managed to take down a gunman as he opened fire on a Paris train this past August  
He said: 'After it all happened she kicked a taxi cab and started hitting it. 
'She got hit in the face so she was probably frustrated and the taxi cab was right there, he was coming down the street. 
'You can see it all on the tape (later on in the footage). 
'She kicked the taxi and then she came across the street where they were, a car pulled up and they all got in and they took off. It was some grey car, like a sedan. 'Someone drove up, slowed down they got in and bolted 
Eric said the police then turned up and an ambulance about 15 minutes later. 
So far Sacramento police haven't mentioned the mystery woman despite the fact if she came forward she would almost certainly be able to identify the suspects. 
Earlier today the police told a press conference they were looking for two Asian males who were wearing blue jeans and white T-shirts, and left in what's believed to be a dark gray or black 2009-2012 Toyota Camry. 
Asked how he would describe the girl who got in the car with the suspects, Eric said: 'She was an Asian girl, in her 20s, she had pants on and a tank top.' 
Eric said he thought the suspects and the girl were 'Asian Pacific' in appearance and possibly from the Asian and Pacific Islander community of Sacramento. 
Describing what happened before the fight broke out, Eric said: 'There was probably like eight people total, probably like three girls, four or five guys… they were all pushing and shoving… 
'I thought they were all together, I figured it was a whole group of people and they were friends, because it went on for five or ten minutes out there they were arguing. 
'They were arguing like a bunch of friends who were getting out of a club being stupid. 
'I almost walked back in the store and then it happened. It was like boom, boom, boom.' 
Eric is positive Spencer was not the aggressor and was trying to protect the woman who was being abused. 
He added: 'I don't know if it was something that was said and he was protecting the girl. 
'I mean he was more protecting, rather then the aggressor. He wasn't the one that started the fight, that's for sure.' 
Eric did not see the knife and did not know Spencer got stabbed as he didn't cry out or stumble afterwards. 
He only noticed how serious it was when the hero Airman walked towards the sidewalk with blood on his shirt. 
He said: 'He just walked away like normal and he went and sat down. …I wouldn't have known he was stabbed then I saw the red on the back of his shirt. 
'It was probably adrenaline because he just walked away like it was nothing. He had a big red mark on his back when he was walking away, you could see it from across the street.'
The train heroes, with Spencer Stone at center
Stone was recovering in hospital today with family at his bedside. One of the other train heroes, Dancing with the Stars contestant Alek Skarlatos has asked everyone to pray him. 
The 22-year-old arrived at rehearsals for the ABC show in Hollywood just hours after Stone was knifed in Sacramento. 
Skarlatos, an Army National Guard Specialist, heard the news just a week after 11 people were shot and killed at Umpqua Community College, the school he is attending. 
On Thursday he tweeted: 'Everybody send prayers out to the Stone family today,' adding that Stone is 'one tough guy'. The pair were together when they took down Morocco-born terrorist Ayooub El-Khazaani after he opened fire on a train bound for Paris in August. 
His father Brian Stone, the airman's father, told People magazine on Thursday: 'He's out of surgery and doing well. He's been upgraded so no longer critical and it looks like he's going to be okay. All I can say is that this world is not short of idiots.' 
Stone was in a sling just last month from the injury he suffered during the August attack, and may have still had on his brace to protect his thumb. 
'It is believed that the victim was out with a group of friends when a physical altercation led to the victim being stabbed multiple times in his upper body,' police said in a statement. 
'Detectives were called to the scene to assist with the investigation and the victim is currently being treated for what appears to be non-life threatening injuries.' 
A Badlands employee told the Los Angeles Times that Stone left about 45 minutes before the fight started, though it is not known where he went at that time. 
The club was hosting their weekly EDM, Trap, Bass, and Dubstep night on Wednesday evening, which features $1 well drinks from 11PM to midnight, just before the incident occurred. It is not known if Stone was drinking. 
Wednesday night is known as 'straight night' at the club, with a mixed crowd enjoying the scene. 

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