Thursday, October 8, 2015

Two Asian Males . . .

Someone left a teddy bear where Spencer Stone was stabbed. That's his blood.

They are now looking for "two Asian males".

The police say that the near-fatal stabbing of the Muslim-terrorist-foiling hero Spencer Stone was "not terrorist related." It had something to do with drinking. This despite the fact that the authorities have not had a chance to talk with Mr. Stone. So, how do they know? Or does "non-terrorist related" merely mean that the men weren't waving ISIS flags as they knifed him?

If a few Pakistani wallflowers with a low alcohol tolerance decided to teach the gringo infidel a lesson, does that count as non-terrorist related? Maybe they were just lone wolves, you know, acting together after sharing a light-beer.

I'm not saying I know what happened. I don't. But thank the Buddha we now have something to go on with that Asian thing. We're looking for Turks, or native Siberians or members of a Vietnamese tong. Jesus was Asian, and he had blue eyes and blond hair, or so it appears from the pictures in my children's Bible book. Or maybe it was Israeli Mossad agents (they're Asian too). Or perhaps Tamil Tiger terrorists. Or just Japanese-American drunkards. I've gotten into so many deadly fights with those guys. Haven't you? It must have been their Rumspringa, you know, in-between high-school and MIT.

I'm tempted to do the "Chinese-Japanese" thing right now by pushing my eyelids up and down.

Just to take the other side, did you know the fight occurred after Stone and his friends (including three women) had left a gay bar? I'm not making any claims or accusations about Stone or his friends or gays or anyone. But it's still interesting. And it's another thing much of the media has ignored.

By the way, the only gay bar I ever had a drink in was, wait for it, an Asian gay bar.

But back to the stabbing. We'll find out the truth sooner or later.

Two Asian males . . .


UPDATE: One new report says that Stone played the hero again, defending one of his female friends after she was punched. And there's a low-quality security camera video of him singlehandedly fighting what looks to be more than two men. The report was given by an Asian cab-driver . . .

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  1. I'll have to look for it, but there is a local gay paper that is saying he was in the gay bar Badlands when he encounter these two. It seems he was there with friends and I think the two groups had some kind of run in. NOW the real question is were they Asian or Ethnic Muslims since this is what the ball-less British press calls them.