Wednesday, October 7, 2015

The Palmyra Gambit

"You were warned, Edward Pentin!"

More and more I feel like I am living inside a biblical thriller. Here's the blurb:
The Palmyra Gambit. 
An illiterate peasant girl receives a prophecy. Police race to stop terrorists from exploding a nuclear weapon in a European capital. From the desert wastes of Northern Syria to the corrupt halls of the Vatican. From a mysterious fire in a South Side Chicago Church to a bloody assassination in Bangladesh. This novel will turn your preconceptions upside down. 
Who is the bishop in white? 
In Philadelphia, a religious demagogue mesmerizes crowds. In the Middle-East, Russian special forces parachute into an ancient city. Riots engulf Germany and France as waves of refugees overrun borders. A politician is blackmailed. And a statue cries. 
Who is the bishop in white? 
A respected Cardinal struggles with his past...and with his future. A beautiful woman charms her way to the top of the journalistic pool. Whose side is she on? And an internet writer stumbles onto an occult secret. Will he live to reveal it? 
Thrills. Romance. High bravery and low betrayals. This novel with shock you to the core. 
And who is the bishop in white? 
Read the Palmyra Gambit and find out. Only $29.99 in hardcover or $19.99 in e-format. 
The apocalypse is happening now. Don't miss it for the world.


  1. I'd read that too! What a great blurb for a book. Maybe you should start writing. If I were a real writer I would have already stolen your idea and have been halfway through the first chapter.

  2. Funny the Mormons don't play into it. Joseph Smith experienced his delusions, hallucination, whatever, upon which Mormonism is based, in Palmyra, NY.