Saturday, October 17, 2015

10,000 Canadians Vote in Halloween Masks To Protest Pro-Sharia Voting Law


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The grassroots Canadian political movement Voting With Covered Faces was formed to oppose, seriously but with a bit of humor, the Canadian's government's recent accommodation with aggressive Islam.

Muslims have claimed that the requirement to show one's face when voting violates their religious rights, and the craven authorities have gone along with it. So now you can wear a niqab or a burka when you vote and not be required to take it off or peel it back, if even for a moment.

Voting With Covered Faces insists that opposition to this is not anti-Muslim per se, which I think gets it right. It's not anti-Muslim to believe that no group, religious or otherwise, should be allowed special rights, exemptions or favors within the democratic process.

This story is (one again) via Bare Naked Islam.

From the Facebook site:
It is totally legal and permissible to vote with your face covered. You can wear a niqab, a burqa, a Halloween mask, or any other face covering at your leisure, even a bag from potatoes. All you need is two pieces of ID, and a solemn declaration as to your identity. 
We consider it an aberration that people can vote in Canada without having to reveal their faces at any point in time, so we are encouraging everyone to go out and vote with their faces covered, in protest, because this law really must be changed... 
WHEREAS we believe the exercise of democracy should be carried out in line with secular values. 
WHEREAS we believe religious symbols (encompassing all faiths) representative of inequality must not be tolerated within a society of equality such as ours. 
WHEREAS we are asking our elected officials to implement laws and set limits that reflect the common values we share and that built up our country. 
WE are asking for electors to be required to vote with their face uncovered. We are asking for the citizenship oath to be sworn with the face uncovered.To this end, we are inviting you to show up in your riding next October 19 and vote with your face covered with a veil of the niqab or burqa type or other face covering to draw attention to the fact that being allowed to vote with a face covering is ludicrous. 
The objective is to raise collective awareness for all, including our elected officials who are the people’s representatives. 
We are inviting you to take part in this peaceful and legal movement, calmly and respectfully... 
This event does not approve of, nor condemns, any religion or group. We are in favor of the democratic exercice in accordance with secular values; we denounce any religious symbol (encompassing all faiths) that represents inequality. 
Any racist speech/images/ videos that incite hate, propaganda, vulgar language, insults, discourse whether repetitive and/or considered offensive or degrading, will not be tolerated and will be promptly deleted by the administrators of this event...


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