Sunday, October 18, 2015

Mahound's Paradise is Now on Twitter!

Tweet me, Muhammad!

We resisted for months. But finally we succumbed. Mahound's Paradise is now on Twitter.

Muhammad's kisser will now appear on more devices than ever before.

Follow at your own risk.

Here was my first tweet and reply:

The above is a joke, of course. But there is a serious point.

Our freedoms are being rapidly taken from us. And freedom of speech is dying if not in some ways already dead. In a number of contexts, posting the kisser of that mass-murdering pedophile on Twitter can cost you your job. If it doesn't kill you first.

Let's fight that. 

The plan is to use Twitter in moderation. If our presence on Twitter makes it easier to follow the blog, or enhances your reading experience, great! if you don't give a damn and wouldn't sign up for Twitter if your life depended on it, God bless you.

In any case, cheers, and Je Suis Charlie, everyone!

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