Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Vatican Censors Force Vimeo to Pull Louie Verrecchio's Pope Parody Video. See it.

Have you seen it yet?
I trust in a dead sage called "the Buddha." 
I follow a false prophet, the pedophile Muhammad.
And so on.

In other words, good times.

Here is Verrecchio's blog post on the matter where he directs people to GloriaTV. If you can't get it to work (I couldn't on my phone), you can also see it on YouTube, below. But I would try GloriaTV first. The original hellish version (if you've been living on Mars) is here.

See the parody in either place before it's taken down.

May God have mercy on those who mock Him (you know, real mercy, not the twisted Bergoglio version). But before that happens, there's no reason why we can't have fun mocking them.


  1. The Pope and his Jesuit buddies have satirized themselves, so it could be worse.

  2. Posted Louie Vs parody all over the place and emailed it too. Fools think they can make Catholics go away. BTW, what is Rome so afraid/ashamed of.

    1. That people will laugh at them and point out they are wearing no clothes?