Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Jordan's King Abdullah on ISIS Savagery: “I’m Not Only Going to Kill Him, I’m Going to Kill His Wife and All His Friends and Burn His Damn House Down!”

It's a quote from a Clint Eastwood character, and interestingly, the original Eastwood character (in Unforgiven) was not an unambiguous good-guy, but was decidedly gray. Revenge tainted him. Is the desire for revenge a sin? Of course. But so is indifference. And the thirst for justice is not a sin.

Indeed, Abdullah was positively Ann Coulterish here--"We should invade their countries, kill their leaders and convert them to Christianity." (Coulter was fired from National Review for that statement, made a few days after 9/11.) Okay, maybe it's not identical on the "convert them to Christianity" part. But still.

The popular anti-Islam blogs (my betters) have snarked on the King because he said (falsely, in their and my opinion) that ISIS is acting against Islam. But what do they expect? Abdullah to renounce Islam on the spot, and become a Christian or perhaps an atheist in the style of Bill Maher?

Dream on.

This is the best we can expect. And it's the natural response for someone raised in that religion and who governs a country steeped in it, but is still (obviously) a human being.

Obama: blah blah blah and Islam invented the fountain pen.

Abdullah: Kill them.

According to one source:

No one in the king’s meeting on Tuesday with members of the House Armed Services Committee made any mention of President Obama, who is seen by some anti-ISIS coalition partners as a weak and indecisive actor.
Will ISIS someday rule a new caliphate from Istanbul?

Not if the King has anything to say about it.

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