Saturday, February 14, 2015

The Copenhagen Attacks: Is There Now Civil War in Europe?

I would say No.

But it's coming closer. The recent attacks in Copenhagen directed against yet another Mohammad cartoonist and yet another Jewish target imply that there are now Muslim gunmen, ready to go, in most Western European cities.

If European governments don't act, or persist in treating this as a battle against "extremism"--whose label includes both Muslims and their opponents--then it's quite possible that the (now false) charges against the Islamophobes will become self-fulfilling. Just as the IRA brought on the Protestant paramilitary groups.

I say possible. I actually don't think it's likely in the near future that we'll see the anti-Muslim parties such as, say, the EDL in Britain, the National Front in France or PEGIDA in Germany, forming military cells. For all the propaganda, they don't yet have the culture for it. Sorry to say it, but Muslims do.

I could be wrong.

But I think what will happen is one of those "fringe" parties will start winning elections--despite the full resources of the "mainstream" media and political parties directed against them. Or someone in one of the mainstream parties will, so to speak, go Churchill.

In other words, while the fact that a Muslim population of 3%-10% in many of these countries--with a larger proportion in many cities--is clearly enough to sew havoc and create great harm, most of the remaining non-Muslim 90% to 97% of the population does not want to live under Sharia Law, nor do they want to live in a terrorist war-zone, even if large proportions of them still think it's hip to denounce "Islamophobia".

I confess that I do not completely understand the, so to speak, stubbornness of, say a David Cameron or an Angela Merkel. Why are they still so reluctant to identify the true enemy while condemning and suppressing those who do? They're politicians, after all. If they're afraid of competition from the "fringe" parties, why not co-opt their issues? That's been one political "solution" from time immemorial.

So, Europe won't go Muslim. The question is how many people (Jews among others) will die before the question is resolved. The longer the question is opposed, ignored or put off, the more a true civil war becomes likely. 

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