Monday, February 2, 2015

Man Repeatedly Describes Satire as BS

File photo of a social networks user, courtesy of Wikipedia

CHICAGO, IL--In the comments section of a recent Google Plus post, internet user Mike Bearhug repeatedly described satire as BS. "I (like most people I assume) can only read so much stuff that I think is BS before I stop reading," said the veteran social networks participant. "I doubt you would read an entire article making wild unbelievable claims." Mr Bearhug went on to state that he feels impelled to read satirical articles but then doesn't have the patience to finish them, given that they usually end long after he would usually reach what he called his "BS point". "It's the false statements that bother me," Bearhug stated in a later interview. "And putting them into the mouths of public figures is immoral. Plus even though I know the whole thing is BS, after I stop reading I get this teeny teeny feeling that, you know, like what if it were true, and then I have to spend the next half-hour doing research on it. That's a waste of my time and I call Bullshit on it." Bearhug added that he had nothing against other types of humor or similar literary styles. "Look, like anyone else, I like allegory and irony and I can even go for a little spoofing or parody from time to time. But satire? It's just so much BS." After finishing the interview, Bearhug donned a burqa and left the building, quickly blending into the crowd.

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