Tuesday, March 22, 2016

A Dreaming Europe Lights Candles, Lays Flowers and Draws Chalk Hearts on the Sidewalk

It's all they know how to do.

There is a spiritual enemy and a human enemy, but they do not see them. Instead they condemn "war" and "hate" and "terror."

"Love is my religion," one wrote.

Children play on a beach, oblivious, as a tidal wave towers above them. 

I can't do Je Suis Bruxelles. I just can't. I probably should take down the Je Suis Charlie emblem as well.

After all, in the end, Charlie surrendered.


  1. They're warming up for "Je suis dépassé," "Je suis esclave" and "Je suis mort."

  2. Denial is not how one faces down hatred and intolerance. Europe is doomed.

  3. Good idea take down "Je suis Charlie" how about "Je suis Asia Bibi" instead. The media are so disinterested in her plight it's obscene.

  4. I won't do it either and have zero patience for it. This the beatnik position of those who refuse to believe it can happen to them or their loved ones. It's sheer cowardice and fear. There was a tweet on Rorate that showed someone tweeted "#stopislam" is worse than what happened in my country today". When you have that level of stupidity and blindness, what are you going to do? Many are going to die waiting for the politically correct buffoons to catch up.
    God have mercy on the dead and may He help the survivors. And the rest of us.

  5. Oh wow, they're so enlightened for showing support like that in public in front of cameras. Well, I guess they have their reward. Too bad their impotence is causing the very thing they're supposedly against.

  6. Check this out ---recent Brussels travel ad about how safe Brussels is juxtaposed with current events. Two buildings compared that are eerily similar at the very end of video.


  7. This is so pitiful I can't imagine it produces anything in the enemy but contempt.