Thursday, March 24, 2016

In the Twilight of Our Age, a Baby Girl Cries Over the Dead Body of Her Mother While an Old Man Kisses the Feet of Her Killers

At the Brussels Airport, a toddler cries over a body, believed to be that of her mother.
Warning: Disturbing Content

Video from CNN via The Muslim Issue.

Future historians may or may not refer to him as Pope. But whatever he may later be called or whatever he is now, he is obviously ill, though whether the issue is mental, moral or spiritual or some combination of the three, is not immediately clear.

Only a few minutes after nails from the closely packed bomb of a Muslim suicide commando team tore through that little girl's mother, Jorge Bergoglio took advantage of the horrific murder, in the manner of a desperate American presidential candidate, to condemn "cruel fundamentalism"--the implicit meaning, given earlier remarks, being to blame his Catholic opposition for the sort of thinking that led to the slaughter in Brussels.

Then today, before (in a grotesque parody of the Last Supper) brushing his lips over the feet of three Muslim men, he blamed the terrorist attacks on "arms manufacturers" and "arms traffickers"--a unique claim, as far as I know, and one which any unbiased observer would have to classify as insane.

Anyone following the gossip in Rome knows that Bergoglio is now hated--and feared--by many around him. He has had at least one quasi-private breakdown, denouncing his enemies and ranting that no one had the right to oppose him. On crucial matters he acts virtually alone or in concert with a few cronies including a perverted Argentinian bishop who has become his scribe.

In the manner of demagogues throughout the ages, it is of course the complete opposite of his carefully managed public persona.

Who speaks for that unnamed baby girl, crying alone in the darkness and silence? Where is the Pope's "mercy" for her?

That "mercy" is of course a lie. For Bergoglio it is merely a weapon to hurl against those who obstinately insist on following Christ.

It would be--how to say it?--just?, fitting? for Bergoglio to be "martyred" by members of the same life-hating cult that he has been so enthusiastic in supporting. I'm not calling for that, obviously. But it's becoming steadily more probable.

Would that help to save his soul? Perhaps. But I'd rather that he peacefully saved his own soul--after he is prevented from doing any more harm to the people of our Church and the people of Europe.

Honest bishops should attempt to relieve him of the office that he has so grossly abused.

Of course, many many more people will soon die. Anyone trying to resist that will be labeled "bigots" and "haters" by the mob. We are coming to the end of an age. Whether it will be followed by something even worse or--against all hope--some New Morning, is something we cannot know. 

That little girl may see it.

Fight for her, please.

And for her mother.   


  1. Approved Catholic prophesy says that the Great Monarch will drive the Crescent out of Europe where only Christians will remain.

    1. Who do you think is the Great Monarch? Or are we not yet in a position to say?

    2. Whomever he may be, I hope to God I am alive to see him crowned by the angelic Pope. To see the Church and the world set in order under the Reign of Christ the King would be the sweetest thing this side of Heaven.

  2. Hey, Oakes, why did you change the title of this post? Just curious. I thought the original was a wee bit confusing.

    1. I changed it twice, so I'm not sure which change you're referring to, but obviously I thought each was for the better. I wrote that piece while still quite emotional about the thing, so I probably wasn't at my sharpest on the first draft. When an occasional post is picked up by PewSitter, he sometimes slightly edits the titles. And almost always he is right.

    2. A blessed Easter to you and yours, Oakes. He is Risen! May we love Him with pure, Truth seeking hearts and live with Him for Eternity.

  3. St Matthew 5:5 DRC1752

    Blessed are they that mourn: for they shall be comforted.

  4. Someone can kiss the feet of all the musloids they want but that does not mean they will not lop off his head...

  5. The Mystical Body of Christ is undergoing a passion right now. Thanks to those that voted for this heretic.

  6. Hate to sound like Debbie the Downer- but it sure looks like the end of Western Civilization to me. Europe leading the way and the US following behind like lemmings marching to the sea.. We are now subscribing to self defeating, even suicidal policies. All of our defenses are broken down by propaganda programs like 'welcome the refugee', open your heart and doors to the migrants, bring in those with ebola and zika, walk for AIDS campaigns, free the prisoner, provide drugs for addicts, narcan for overdoses, contraceptives for all, marriage for homosexuals, babies for the infertile, pity for our vets....You're a racist, homophobe, white supremacist, xenophobe, greedy capitalist if you don't.
    I came back to the Catholic faith about 15 years ago and love churches(Catholic ones). Can't pass one by. I started traveling to visit the great cathedrals, the art, architecture and patrimony of our faith. Learn more about our history. The churches in Europe are mostly empty, like museums, where tourists flock with open mouths looking up. I always like going to services at these remarkable places. I went to St Mark's in Venice a few years ago for Holy Week! Incredible. Pentecost at the Pantheon with the rose petals descending. Corpus Christie in Rome processing down Via Merulana, Feast of the Immaculate Conception and All Saint's Day in the Duomo in Florence. Sunday Mass in San Vitale Ravenna, Feast of the Assumption in Marseilles with a candlelit procession up to Notre Dame de la Garde. I feel like I am making the rounds to the landmarks of a dying civilization. See it while you can! Now here in NYC we just had another round of church closings. It is very painful to watch. The oldest Catholic school in NYC across from Old St Pat's run by the Sisters of Charity closed due to low enrollment, was sold, and is being made into condos. I don't think there are any Catholic hospitals in NYC- St Vincent's closed. Cabrini closed. St Clare's, The New York Foundling Hospital, gone. Mother Cabrini HS for girls.
    St Ann's, once the church of Al Smith, where I stumbled into a Latin Mass on a Saturday afternoon almost 15 years, is also closed. There began my journey back to my Catholic faith I had lost for so long. St Ann's is not only closed, but demolished. The facade was kept as an architectural point of interest for the modern NYU dormitory built behind it. It seems while I was coming back everyone else was leaving!
    The church here in the states (USCCB) now is receiving most of its money from the Refugee Relief Services. Working for & with the government. What is Pope Francis' excuse? I don't know.

    1. Welcome back Christine. I never left but was rather a zombie Catholic until Benedict ascended. He set my heart afire. So happy you are seeing all the great landmarks of the faith in Europe. Pray for the Church, that the Virgin crush all forces against her. I'm in NYC this weekend and plan to go to St Michaels for 10am high Mass. Happy Easter.

    2. St Michael's with Fr Rutler? Great. Beautiful big church, too.
      I just came home from Easter Vigil at Holy Innocents. very beautiful. and long....
      Thank you for keeping the home fires burning while I was wandering & clueless.
      Very good to be back. I love being Catholic. And yes I will pray.
      Happy Easter.

  7. The Pope can kiss 12,000 pairs of Muslim feet for all I care - just not on Holy Thursday and not in the Vatican.