Sunday, March 6, 2016

Good News For a Change! McGraw-Hill Agrees to Pull and Destroy Textbook Containing Anti-Israel Propaganda

We're so used to bad news on these issues that this is really fantastic. On March 1st the pro-Israel blog Elder of Zion published a post exposing the fact that a recent McGraw-Hill college textbook Global Politics: Engaging a Complex World included an extremely misleading set of maps directly lifted from the advertising campaign of the anti-Israel Committee for Peace in Israel and Palestine. See, the Jews are land grabbing monsters (among other things).

EoZ wrote:
The textbook authors have taken a false narrative and are teaching it to students across the nation. 
McGraw Hill must be held accountable for pushing such propaganda in college classrooms. The email address for their customer services is; let me know how they respond.
Now many of the blogs that I read (Catholic, anti-Islamist or pro-Israel) launch this kind of campaign often against this sort of malicious bull, and it's rare that anything comes of them. This time things were different, and it happened in only five days. The company wrote back a few hours ago:
Thank you for your query about the map in Global Politics: Engaging a Complex World. As soon as we learned about the concerns with it, we placed sales of the book on hold and immediately initiated an academic review. The review determined that the map did not meet our academic standards. We have informed the authors and we are no longer selling the book. All existing inventory will be destroyed. We apologize and will refund payment to anyone who returns the book.
I have no idea whether there is some hidden story here--perhaps there was some pro-Israel angel on the board or whatever. But the important thing is that it happened. I was late to the party, only reading about the issue today, but I assume many made their feelings known. Congratulations to Elder of Zion and all of those who helped out.

And here's a more truthful map, previously made by Elder of Ziyon:

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  1. You say, "I have no idea whether there is some hidden story here."

    I reply: Yes, the continuing influence of an Elder (or the Elders) of Zion over (and in) the media.