Friday, March 11, 2016

Listen to the Mahound on Magnificat Radio at 8:00 PM CST Tonight (Friday)!

Please excuse the short notice.

Last night I was interviewed by Stephen Kokx for his hour-long show Church and State on Magnificat Media. It will run tonight (Friday) at 8:00 PM CST.

Listen to it if you want to hear what I sound like, or if you want to hear some fascinating and informative Catholic conversation.

Re: fascinating conversation: I'm referring more to Stephen and the fellow who was interviewed before me. :)

Or you can check the broadcast schedule and listen in the next few days. Within a few days or a week it will also be archived on YouTube.

Stephen is a genial host and Church and State is a great show. I encourage you to check out some of the archived programs.

More on the interview and Church and State later.

One quick note: When I said that the recent fight against Islam in Europe had been largely led by atheists and non-Catholics and that that was for the "worse," that wasn't a snark against atheists and non-Catholics. It was praise for them (the ones who have fought and in some cases died opposing the Islamization of Europe) along with friendly criticism of Christians and Catholics who, at least initially, let their counterparts do much of the work. I would like everyone to eventually find their true home in the Church, as I did, with the help of God's grace. But in the meantime I think we can all be comrades in the struggle against Islamic barbarism. Indeed, we must be comrades or we will all lose.


  1. Congratulations! Bear will try to tune in to the Houndcast.

  2. Sorry to miss your interview. I will look for it on YouTube. Please place a reminder when it is available.

  3. Put the YouTube link up as soon as you get it.

  4. Thanks for your interest. Well, I think it's on again between 9 and 10 AM CST tomorrow (Sunday). I'm towards the end. Click on the YouTube link in my post a few days from now, but I'll let you know when I see it.