Friday, March 18, 2016

The Loser Claims that the Angel Moroni Told Him to Vote for Ted Cruz Until a More Acceptable White Guy in a Suit Can be Found

No Reaganite I know would ever speak at the Hinckley Institute

Okay, I lied about part of what I claimed in the post title. The Loser can sue me if he wants.

But here's what The Loser actually just wrote on his Facebook page:

Vulgarity. Oh, that's just so awful. It makes me want to drink a glass of milk and launch a mob attack against a rival cult organization.

In the interests of complete Facebook disclosure, I will reproduce the first sixteen comments on The Loser's Facebook post (but I could have gone on). Somehow, I think things may have backfired. I didn't know there were that many thumbs in the world. 

Janet Baker Give it a rest, Mr Romney! You miserably lost your own race 4 years ago: a race that was easy to win. You have no credibility whatsoever regarding this election.
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Chris Burris There is a choice...and it is ours to make...not yours Mitt. Any moron could've defeated Obama from ever having a second term and you even managed to fail at that. But now we are all supposed to get on your bandwagon? No thanks.
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Jeffrey Brantley Thanks Mitt for endorsing Cruz. That should put Trump over the top.Americans know you are a "has been "and you should stay out of it.I have been proud to be a Republican all my life.I did vote for you but you have disappointed me to the point that I wouldn't vote for anyone you endorse.Let us, the voters decide.TRUMP 2016
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Frank Canning Sr. Mitt, you sound like a liberal news reporter. I have not heard a negative comment from Trump on racism, misogyny, bigotry, xenophobia, vulgarity and, most recently, threats and violence. If the Party does not unite behind Trump, you hand the election to Hillary, a third Democrat win. The Party is giving more effort to fighting Trump that to Hillary, unite or lose.
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Ed Lion Cruz was my choice until he blamed Trump for the behavior of the "activists" in Chicago. I'm proud to have voted for you in 2012, but if the republican party subverts the will of the people, I will never again vote for one.
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Camile Jackson Romney you are a sad human being. You are lost the election to Obama, the republicans took the house/senate and have done nothing. Trump is the only answer. You need to get on the Trump train or go away.
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Craig Michael Mitt you're Anti-American and shameful. WE THE PEOPLE elected Trump for the run! The establishment DOES NOT KNOW WHAT IS BEST FOR US! Don't let this be your legacy.
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David Eastman Republicans in the house and senate have done NOTHING in the past 8 years. All talk, no action. Time for a change. No more losers.
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Arthur Johnson So a loser voting for a loser. Makes sense! I can't believe I used to like you, campaigned for you and voted for you. Sad but good you showed who really are Mitt Romney. Cruz is a slime ball but that is okay, unless the Republicans cheat and have a brokered convention, you will lose again. But if they do, know that you were apart of destroying the party.
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Stacy Mikkelsen Mitt, stay out of it. You and your speech tried to divide the Republican Party. Oops, backfired!!! Your turn has left the building. OBAMA kicked your butt, now go play in your sandbox. Leave Trump alone. He is the voice of the American People who are tired of the Republican Party the way it sits today. It in itself needs reform. I voted for you, if that vote needed to be cast today, not so much.
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Jorge Jose Bunz Mitt you lost, please just retire and leave the gop alone. Trump is drawing more in the primary than you with more opponents. The more anti trump you are the more the majority of republicans will turn against you.
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John Marcotte Sorry Mr. Romney, I have voted for you but I disagree with your statement. Mr. Trump expresses the frustration of the American people, though I disagree with his outburst. We are disenfranchised by the Republicans and Democrats. Politics as usual, leaving out the American people, needs to change.
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Cynthia DiGregorio Goff Mr. Romney, I supported you and would have again, but not now, I believe it is the peoples vote as to who they want, not a forcing a open convention, people can say what they want about Trump, yes he speaks his mind, but he is running to literally make...See More
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Michael Gary You and the GOP go to a contested convention and override the vote of the people, regardless of who's in the lead, I'm leaving the Republican Party for good!
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John Taylor I have news for Nitt Witt Mitt......we are repulsed by the republican party......we are tired of being lied to.....we don't want Cruz.....or Kasich.....their records mean nothing......we certainly don't need a loser like you telling us who to vote can vote for who you wish.....but I would encourage voters to stand up to the corrupt republican party and vote for Trump......
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Easton Johnathon Brady Coming from one of the biggest Mitt Romney supporters back in 2012 I am 100% disappointed in you. I volunteered and did everything that I could to get you elect. Now you are wanting to go against what the people want. He is winning and people want Donald Trump. You're apart of the establishment and the problem with the Republican party. #Trump2016
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  1. "I will vote for Senator Cruz and I encourage other to do so as well so that we can have an open convention and nominate a Republican (read Mitt Romney)."

    In other words, Mitt is using Cruz to keep a place open for himself.

    Cruz and Trump need to make a deal to make sure they aren't screwed by the loser Republican establishment and it's casting director Presidential pick, loser Mitt Romney.

  2. Well, this one just got me kicked out of the largest conservatives group on Google+. Am I the only one who still has a sense of humor?

  3. I am not a Trumpster, but this diatribe by Romney is not only over the top, but certainly not his M.O. When he campaigned against Obama, he reminded me of 'Mr. Roger's Neighborhood'. Neither he nor McCain would hold Obama's feet to the fire. I remember both of them saying that they wanted to keep the campaign 'above board' and 'civil', but they wouldn't call him out on much of anything. Meanwhile Obama was telling his supporters to go out and 'get in people's faces', and 'if they bring a knife, we'll bring a gun'. NOW, he's using all kinds of incendiary language against someone who is running as a Republican? Too unbelievable!!! You may be right about this Michael, perhaps he is vying for a possible run in a contested convention, but it is absolutely backfiring, and if the Republicans try to pull some funny stuff, they are throwing the election to Hillary. I read somewhere that a good number of the 'elites' would actually rather have it that way. Wonder if it's dawned on anyone that the Republican Party would be in shambles for many years to come??

  4. Wonder if it's dawned on anyone that the Republican Party would be in shambles for many years to come??

    Newsflash: it's been in shambles since Dick Nixon, with only a short respite in the 1980's--and even then, it was having serious problems.

    See, the Pubbies bought into 'secular humanism' which is irreconcilable with any cogent form of Conservatism. That's why they cannot any longer maintain unity.

    To cut to the chase, either the Party recognizes Original Sin and its consequences in the political sphere, or it will go away.