Thursday, August 11, 2016

BREAKING: Muslim Terror Bombing at Thai Resort - 1 Dead, Many Injured

Some of the wounded at a hospital in Hua Hin

Bombings by Muslim insurgents are a fairly common occurrence in southern Thailand, but they usually occur outside of tourist areas and thus get little international press.

This one was different. Many of the casualties are probably foreign tourists. It appears that the woman who died was a local food vendor.

There were two bombs hidden in flowerpots, activated 30 minutes apart by remote control. Such "twin bombings" are a signature of the insurgents.

From the Daily Mail:
BREAKING NEWS: One woman killed and at least 10 injured in Thailand – including foreign tourists - after two bombs explode at a beach hotspot
  • Two bombs exploded in plant pots at Thai resort of Hua Hin today
  • One woman is said to have died in the blast with bombs 30 minutes apart
  • At least 10 people believed to be injured including 'foreign tourists'
One woman has died and at least 10 people have been injured after two bombs exploded in a popular Thai tourist resort. 
The explosives, believed to have been placed in plant pots, went off in the Hua Hin resort earlier today. 
It is unknown whether any British people were hurt, but foreign tourists are understood to have been among the victims. 
According to reports from local police, one woman has been killed in the attack, with the bombs understood to be detonated via mobile phones, according to BBC south east Asia reporter Jonathan Head. 
Reports on social media have suggested a foreign couple with a child were badly injured, with 'bones left sticking out of their legs'. 
Another Twitter user claimed a woman selling salad in the area was killed.
The explosions occurred within around 30 minutes of each other and the pots were said to have been around 55 yards apart. 
Police are currently conducting forensic investigations at the site, using torches to examine the scene.


  1. I'm waiting for your "BREAKING: No Muslim Terror Attack Last 24 Hours.

    1. Yeah. The thing is, 90%+ of all the Muslim terror bombings and attacks don't really make it into the headlines because it's just third world people killing each other as they always have (or so it is perceived). But every day this stuff is happening. There's a lot going on at the "bleeding edge" of Islamic influence. So, I'm afraid that headline would never come.