Friday, August 12, 2016

Migrant Boats as Amphibious Landing Craft (VIDEO)

"Allahu Akbar!"
This short video, picked up today on Fdesouche, has no subtitles or translation, but I don't think it needs any.

The boats, traveling at some speed, are probably coming from Libya. They are filled, apparently exclusively, with young Muslim men.

There are at least three boats, traveling in a sort of convoy. As one boat passes another, the men raise their fists in acknowledgment. "Allahu Akbar!" they shout.

The standing, closely packed men and the cruising flatboats in the distance remind one of the movies taken from inside the Allied amphibious landing craft at Normandy.


Except that this is not liberation. It's part of a process for submission.

These are soldiers, just as the boys of 6 June were soldiers. But this time they're fighting for Allah.

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