Thursday, August 4, 2016

Hey, Google, Thanks for Becoming an Accessory to Rape

Edit, 8/5/16: For some reason, the invitation to "stand with refugees" appeared yesterday on UK Google but not US Google (I didn't check any other countries and the message is now gone). Interestingly, the hashtag brings one to a YouTube page that features a pro-refugee video followed by a list of other videos, some of which are anti-. For example, one of the videos is a documentary about the mass sexual assaults on New Year's Eve in Cologne.

Hey, Google, thanks for becoming an accessory to rape.

I'm referring to the statement in small letters at the bottom of the Google search window, above.

What's wrong with it (some might ask)? Google is merely saying that, you know, everyone, whatever your country, whatever your sport, should "stand with refugees." Who could be against that? It's completely uncontroversial.


Europe is currently under sustained assault by barbarians - Muslim barbarians, to be precise. And rape, including mass rape is one of the consequences of this assault.

Remember Cologne. Remember Sweden - which in the space of a generation has gone from one of the safest countries in Europe to being the rape capital of the world.

Sure they're "refugees," on one definition at least. But using that term and leaving it at that, advocating that we all "stand with refugees," is in a very real way to be a collaborator - partly through dishonesty - with the assault.

Real people - innocent people - are suffering. And looking past "mere" rape, many innocent people are dying. Many many more will die.

Google is now an accessory to it.

The slogan  - "don't be evil" - is still a part of the official Google Code of Conduct.

Well, they're violating it.

Google stands with refugees.

Who will stand with her?