Monday, August 22, 2016

Machete Rampage in Brussels by 'Asian' Woman Wearing a Djellaba

Responders tend to a victim (or is it the suspect?)

Here is what we know so far:

Earlier today (afternoon in Belgium) a woman randomly stabbed three people. The location has been variously reported as occurring 'in a mall,'  'in a McDonald's,' 'at a bus stop' or 'on a bus' on the outskirts of Brussels.

Most reports claim she was wielding a machete. Some have called it a knife.

Two of the victims are in serious condition.

The woman was shot in the arm by police after refusing to drop her weapon.

Belgian media have reported that the woman was wearing a Djellaba - a loose fitting full-smock, popular in North Africa.

The police have not officially released the suspect's name (partial or full) or a description, but Belgian media reports that a police source claimed the woman was 'Asian.'

Almost immediately, it was reported that police do not believe the attacks were terrorist related or politically motivated, and that the woman had a 'history of mental illness.'

Read the Daily Mail article here.

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