Sunday, August 7, 2016

U.S. Olympic Muslima Goes Decapitation-Chic

American Olympic fencer Ibtihaj Muhammad (in yellow hijab) participates in a decapitation joke 

It has been widely reported that female fencer Ibtihaj Muhammad is the first American Olympian to compete in a Islamic Hijab.

She has been commended for "slaying misconceptions."

Given the fact that virtually every day in Europe, Israel, Bangladesh or elsewhere, the news brings us a new report of an attempted or successful Muslim stabbing or slashing attack - often a mass stabbing or slashing attack against randomly selected non-Muslims - it is unclear why the fact that the first US Hijab wearer is competing as a swordswoman "slays" or "skewers" or "puts to the sword" (see below) any common perceptions of Muslims.

It seems to me, rather, a coup de grace to reinforce them.

Maybe she's mentally ill.

Miss Muhammad is also being portrayed in the US media as a sort of feminist icon. You go, girl, and all that.

But she is on record as saying that the reason she got into fencing in the first place is because it was one of the only sports where she could compete covered up.

That's the new sharia-feminism for you - applauding someone who thinks that only a few sports are open to women due to modesty requirements.

The fencing champion has her own Muslima clothing line called Louella. It doesn't appear to sell hijabs, which is curious as all the models are wearing them. The post title photo, above - from the Hijab Style and Fashion website - shows Muhammad "horsing around" with a "supporter." They're having a bit of a joke about decapitation.

Even beyond Ibtihaj Muhammad's example, Muslima empowerment through swordsmanship now seems to be a thing. Here's an NBC News article from yesterday, this time about fencing in the UK, titled, How Muslim Girls Fence Helps Girls Put Stereotypes to the Sword. One of the girls, Reheat Rayatt, poses with her foil in, of all places, a convenience store:

Note the school tie. She must be a moderate.

But back to Ibtihaj Muhammad. If anyone reading this believes I'm being unfair to her, I would argue that, on the contrary, I've been pulling my lunges. She at least has a choice whether or not to cover her head. Most Muslim women do not. She isn't fighting for them; she's aiding in their enslavement (and making money off it). Miss Muhammad is a talented athlete, but as a woman or simply a human being, she should be ashamed of herself.


  1. Satanic. These devils must not be allowed in civilized society. When one thinks of the thousands of headless men women and children, at the hands of modern muslims, it puts their insidious 'joke' into perspective.

    1. She's nervous and scared of Trump. But she is more nervous because she feels the tide is changing and hard times are coming for the islamic fanatics !

  2. Reheat? Funny name. But not the game.

  3. The charitable take is that it's sophomores doing sophomoric things. Sort of like Prince Harry dressing as a Nazi for a party.

    Of course, Harry caught serious hell for that, and the Palace was forced to comment. And Nazis don't have a loud apologetic industry among the cultural elites in the West, whereas Muslim radicals continue to behead people on a daily basis, many of them women and children.

  4. And of course there's her phony claim of Islamophobia:

  5. And what would the response be if I (or any other older white guy)decided to pose with a nine-millimeter in, of all places, a convenience store...?

  6. How fucking dare you who the fuck do you think you are your stupid ass is supposed to be representing the USA not your own fucking piece of shit country you should be ashamed of yourself too bad Americans don't believe in your bullshit honor killings because that could have been an honor of America since you've disgraced it stupid Muslim bitch


  8. She is foolish, brandishing a sword in a Public Place like that.What would an Police Officer think seeing her. Given American Police Officers are supposed to have a reputation for being trigger happy

  9. What will it take to make the govt. deport the lot of them? There is plenty of precedent, you know.