Monday, April 6, 2015

Conspiracy Monday: Sinister Rings in the Sky

What are those sinister rings?

One was filmed almost a year ago by a sixteen year old school girl above Leamington Spa in Warwickshire. The other was recently observed above a village in Northern Kazakhstan.

See the videos at the bottom of the post.

Both rings appeared in a clear sky with no reported fires nearby. To many, they look like they could be made of smoke. They hover or move slowly before disappearing. The second one seems to sort of gradually peel away. It is estimated that the second ring was one-hundred yards wide and almost a mile up.

Suggested explanations:
  1. Meteorological anomaly (although, oddly, this seems to be rejected by most meteorologists).
  2. Smoke ring caused by emissions from nearby factory. Apparently there was one near the village in Kazakhstan, but no such suggestion was made for the ring above Leamington spa.
  3. Ring-shaped formation of insects.
  4. Unidentified and/or previously unknown "organic" entity.
  5. UFO.
  6. Portal to Hell.
  7. Hoax (the second ring is actually cigarette smoke close to the camera).
Interestingly, both sightings occurred on a Friday. That the second was on Good Friday gave me a momentary frisson. But it seems the one last year occurred on the Friday before Holy Week.

I'm partial to 2, above. At least in the second video the darn thing looks like a giant smoke ring, or at least what I assume a giant smoke ring would look like. I was about to say I've never seen a giant smoke ring, but I have seen sky writing. And to me, aside from the color, it looks similar, even the "peeling off" part, though it's a bit grungier--perhaps what you would expect if it came from a factory.

If you put in "huge smoking ring" into YouTube, you'll get a number of videos for artificially created giant smoke rings that to me look very much like the second ring. One of them features a group of redneck wannabes gunning a car in circles around a campfire.

I suppose hard-core believers might point out that the "artificially created" rings were created intentionally with a fair amount of planning, etc. How do you randomly get the same effect from a smoke stack in Kazakhstan? I suppose they might also ask, if these rings are caused by factory emissions or whatever, why are we only seeing them now, on two Friday afternoons, two Aprils in a row?

What do you think?

Leamington Spa, 9 April, 2014

Kazakhstan, 3 April, 2015

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  1. I feel that most new conspiracy theories are not so foreign to us. I think that we know the controversial stars as if they were our neighbors, and we are naturally curious about them. People like me prefer to hear such things.