Monday, April 27, 2015

Twelve-Year-Old Mayor of Baltimore Thanks Nation of Islam and Blames Riots on Small Group of Agitators

From the Mayor's own website

She's not twelve. But she looks twelve. She's also an embarrassment.

"Okay, you're a girl and you don't have shampoo? Hello!"

Here's a photo of Nation of Islam representatives posing with Crips and Bloods gang members in Baltimore. They have all vowed to make temporary peace in the cause of killing cops:

The website I lifted this from (The Last Refuge) kindly made red circles around the finger gestures. I guess they're supposed to be making ISIS signs or something.

Hey guys, you didn't murder Malcolm X, did you?

Just asking.

And here's the video where Baltimore Mayor Stephanie Rawlings-Blake praises the Nation of Islam:

She also praises the police, shortly before she introduces the twin sister of the deceased Freddie Gray, who blames the police for killing her brother. He was a serial criminal who had been arrested at least eighteen times.

It's all Whitey's fault.

It's always Whitey's fault.

Being black in America, 2015 is a heavy cross to bear. Your supposed heroes and heroines are strutting clowns. Your supposed soldiers are thugs who wear their boxers six inches above their designer jeans. 

No moral agency whatsoever is assigned to you. You're a pet to be coddled and condescended to.

You have a problem with that? Well then, you must be an Uncle Tom.

The bow ties are just so swag, man. Whitey likes to see you wear them. It makes Whitey feel, you know, diverse.

How do you feel?


  1. Those lifted fingers are a sign of the Islamic State. The real kicker is that Islam has enslaved blacks long before "whitey" did. As for that bitch, they need to kick her ass out pronto.

  2. Well, as I've said before, I don't think ISIS would have much use for those clowns. Though, I guess we'll see, You're totally right about Muslim slavery. And of course that's gone right down the memory hole. When was the Muslim slavery emancipation movement again?