Sunday, April 5, 2015

Happy Easter! World's Largest Easter Egg Hunt Ends In Chaos and Tears

Happy Easter! Now, could you please take your foot off my hand?

From CBS13 Sacramento:
Sacramento tried to hop its way into the record books today by attempting the world’s largest Easter egg hunt... 
...Aside from making history, visitors enjoyed face paintings bounce houses and a feast of Easter snacks. 
However, many parents left the Easter egg hunt furious, claiming the family-friendly event took a less-than-festive turn. 
“There was no organization at all, they all trampled each other. Little two and three year olds were crying. The parents were scooping up all of the eggs for their kids and it was horrible,” said mother Tessa Moon. 
Parents reportedly rushed onto the grass and started pushing and cursing at other children in order to get their hands on eggs and special prizes. 
The event didn’t qualify for the record books, but it did have more eggs than any other egg hunt in the world.
According to one report "they didn't quite qualify for the record books, but they did have more eggs than any other egg hunt in the entire world." Why didn't they qualify?

Video below:

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