Saturday, April 18, 2015

Just Because: Gaddafi and Berlusconi Together in Pictures

I know it's wrong. But with Libya all but in the hands of ISIS, and Italy under sea-borne invasion by Muslims using Libya as a jumping off point (and they're now murdering Christian hangers-on in transit), I thought it would be appropriate to remember in images two former leaders from a more innocent time. It was only a few years ago...

"Why is Muammar wearing a photograph of an anti-Italian guerrilla fighter on his lapel?"
"Why does Silvio always dress up his mistresses to look like American rap singers?"
"Damn! The casual look upstages me again!" 
"Before I formally address the nude, could I please hold your hand?" 
"You always look different!"
"You always look the same!"
"Is that Old Spice?"
"It IS Old Spice!"
"A potpourri gift basket from the Libyan people to the Italian people!"
"Is it permitted?"
"Of course, Orrence, you're one of us now!"
"I can't release my hand."
"I can't release my hand either. I think my joker of an assistant put superglue on the gun barrel."
"I want to introduce those of you at this pool party to my homeless uncle."
"No fair. The deal was I would dress up as Crockett and YOU would dress up as Tubbs."

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  1. Piccola traduzione = Lo so che è sbagliato . Ma con tutta la Libia nelle mani di ISIS e l'Italia sotto l'invasione via mare dai musulmani con la Libia, ho pensato che sarebbe stato opportuno ricordare in queste immagini due ex leader di un tempo più innocente . E stato solo pochi anni fa ... :-)