Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Video Tuesday: Who Would Dare to Love ISIS? The Most Amazing Video of the Year

This may be the most moving and powerful video you will see this year, or for that matter, any year.

Who Would Dare to Love Isis? (A Letter From the People of the Cross) is a project of Michael Chang, a 26-year-old Los Angeles filmmaker. The beautiful text was cowritten by Jeanette Fu. The website of Chang's company, Mighty, is not up yet but it has a Facebook page that is now gaining "likes" at an exponentially increasing rate.

I first saw the video yesterday on Steve Skojec's One Peter Five. Apparently, it was one of his most popular posts and was quickly picked up by Fox News. But at the time Steve knew almost nothing of its origins. The filmmaker contacted Steve shortly after and One Peter Five had a fascinating interview with him today. Among other things we learn that Chang is a non-denominational Christian who left his day job two months ago to focus on his craft. In the meantime, the video has gone viral, appearing on more and more Christian blogs and sites.

From the interview:
People dying for their beliefs is noble. A lot of people do that. But people dying for their enemies…that’s almost unheard of. This kind of love is what drew Christians to adore Christ in the first place. A kingdom is conquered in one of two ways. Either by force or by winning over the hearts of the people. Jesus won our hearts over. And it’s the opposite of ISIS is doing now – conquering by force. I don’t like the term conversion, but yes, the blood of our martyrs speaks louder than teachings, and I believe God will save many ISIS members through them.
Actually, Chang is not a pacifist. Read the interview to see precisely what he says on this.

I should add, in just a bit of perusing I've seen it on Traditionalist Catholic sites (including One Peter Five), Orthodox sites and Protestant sites--including "liberal" ones with a focus on "social justice", etc.

But this is not because the message is dumbed down or "averaged" to appeal to everyone. Rather it's sharp, radical (in the best sense of the word) and, well, extreme.

Just as Christ's message was.

If this isn't the New Evangelization, the term has no meaning.

Steve confessed to "choking up" each time he saw it. I'll double down on that and say I got teary just thinking about it on my way home from work.

If you don't, that says nothing about your religious sensibilities or beliefs. Rather, it will prove you're a Vulcan.

The people of the cross gather at your gates with a message
Love is coming after you...

Though your sins are like scarlet
They can be washed white as snow
Though you call yourselves servants
He will make you into Sons...

You die for your god but our God died for us...

Christ has been crucified once. And for ALL.
To make sinners like you and me into brothers
Even you.
Even now.

There is a full transcription here.

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