Thursday, May 21, 2015

Muslim Food Vendor Caught Selling $30 Hot Dogs to Tourists Outside 9/11 Memorial

The mustard was free
Ground Zero.

We kill you. Then we overcharge you.

That's from the Verse of the Sword, I think.

From the Daily Mail (scroll down for NBC 4 Video):

Crooked NYC food vendor caught charging tourists $30 for a hot dog and $15 for a pretzel outside 9/11 Memorial
  • Ahmed Mohammed was caught on camera selling hot dogs for $30 to tourists in New York City outside the 9/11 Memorial
  • The vendor changed his prices depending on the customer and also shortchanged some individuals
  • When confronted about his practices he said he did not speak English
By Chris Spargo, 20 May, 2015.
A crooked New York City food vendor has been caught on camera as he successfully rips off tourists. 
Ahmed Mohammed is seen charging individuals anywhere from $3 to a whopping $30 for a hot dog, and as much as $15 for a pretzel. 
What's more, he is doing this just outside the 9/11 Memorial in downtown Manhattan. 
"I just felt like I was getting ripped off, and it's just making the 9/11 grounds like a big tourist trap," one woman told NBC 4. 
Another man said the price of his hot dog kept changing, going from $15 to $10, prompting the man to hand back the food to Mohammed even though he had already taken a bite. 
"To rip-off somebody, to charge them $35 for a hot dog and a pretzel, that leaves a terrible impression," said Jessica Lappin of the Alliance for Downtown New York. 
She became aware of the situation when fights began breaking out because of Mohammed's prices. 
That's not the only problem either, as other customers say the vendor will shortchange them after their purchase. 
When a reporter for the network confronted him about his prices, he suddenly declared he did not speak English, though he did offer to sell them a hot dog for $3, which is still far steeper than the normal $1 charged by most vendors in the city. 
Mohammed is currently under investigation by the Alliance.


  1. What moron would pay $30 for a hot dog?

    Seattle kim

    1. A foreign tourist who didn't have a good grasp of the currency values.

    2. Ah sad then, not moronic.


      A friend just found this on facebook:

      BY Jean-Marie Guénois at LE FIGARO
      May 22, 2015 - 6:24 PM (Paris time), updated at 6:50 PM
      On Monday [May 25], European episcopates will debate the welcoming of remarried divorcees and homosexuals in the Church.
      The initiative has remained very discreet, indeed secret, but it is important. According to our information, three episcopates -- the German, the Swiss, and the French -- have gotten together in order to organize, behind closed doors, on Monday, May 25, in Rome, in the premises of the Jesuit Gregorian University, a day of studies centered on the welcoming of remarried divorcees and homosexual persons in the Church.
      Renowned German theologians will take the floor before a chosen audience of only fifty people. The closing conference will be delivered by Cardinal Reinhard Marx, President of the German Bishops' Conference. Along with Cardinal Walter Kasper, this influential cardinal -- a member of the C9, the Pope's close council -- works actively for a policy of opening of the Catholic Church on these dossiers. At the Vatican, only a few personalities have received an invitation.

      Seattle Kim

  2. If you pay this much for any healthy
    Food for Dogs then it would be beneficial, but for hot dog who would do that!!