Sunday, May 3, 2015

Terrorist Attack Coverage: The Editors of the Daily Mail Should be Ashamed

And the winner of the contest is...a black rectangle!

A sick headline and obnoxious set of sub headers was posted a few minutes ago in the online Daily Mail:

Extreme 'free speech' group refused to cancel provocative 'Muhammad Art Exhibit' despite protests - and told the world they 'know the risks'
  • Muhammad Art Exhibit event in Garland, Texas, was attacked on Sunday
  • Gunmen opened fire at event held by American Freedom Defense Initiative
  • Organizer Pamela Geller had written before that she knew there were risks
  • But insisted event had to go ahead to oppose 'the jihad against freedom'
  • Garland residents and Democrat congressmen opposed the event 

Thank you for your support, Neville Chamberlin.

The Daily Mail also blacked out all Muhammad cartoon pictures that happened to show up in any of their photographs.

So, let's get this straight: actually exercising one's right to free speech in the face of danger or threats is now extreme. Censorship of other people's speech (blacking out those cartoons) is, I guess, the new normal.

Well, we know what the Daily Mail thinks of free speech.

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