Wednesday, May 6, 2015

New Evangelization: Vatican Builds Ice Church to Accommodate Al Gore

ROME (AP) After anti-climate change campaigner Al Gore announced in a recent interview that "I could become a Catholic as a result of this Pope," the Vatican quickly moved to build an ice church to accommodate him. They also announced that if he agreed to be received into the  Faith, he could join up immediately without waiting until next Easter. In addition, if the sainthood question came up later, the miracle requirement would be waived.

The ice church, dedicated to Eulalia of Mérida, the patron saint of snow, is itself housed in a temperature controlled dome in suburban Rome. It also features a five-story high igloo to house the ex-vice president's private plane.

There is no word on whether the church will offer Mass in the Ordinary or the Extraordinary form--"Whichever one is shorter," said one of the presiding priests, who wished to remain anonymous.

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