Monday, May 11, 2015

NOT A PARODY: Pope Leads Children in Chant of "No Justice, No Peace," Invites Radical Do-It-Yourself Abortionist, Claims, "People Go to War to Defend Money"

This is worse than silly.

Both John Paul II and Benedict XVI did their best to stamp out an evil and false ideology growing within the Church--liberation theology. Pope Francis is completely reversing their efforts--attempting to rehabilitate this heresy and promote the evil men behind it.

Now he's peddling the rot to schoolchildren.

From The Vatican Insider:
Today Francis met 7000 children from the “Peace Factory”... 
By Iacopo Scarmuzzi, Vatican City 
They put a bracelet round his wrist and a “peace helmet” “because you are our top peace worker”. They welcome him by singing “We are the World” and bid farewell to him with songs and embraces... 
The aim of the initiative promoted by psychologist Maria Rita Parsi, amongst others, is to mobilize institutions, media, church bodies, NGOs, workforces and political figures to build a world of peace “immediately and in the future”. Radical leader Emma Bonino was also present in the Paul VI Hall. The Pope had personally invited her over the telephone, when he called to inquire about her illness, as Bonino said herself in an interview with Radio Radicale, adding that the Pope had met her when she was still Foreign Minister of Italy.
Stop. Here is Lifesite News on Emma Bonino:
Armed with a home-made abortion device, operated by a bicycle pump, Emma Bonino, Italy’s newly appointed Foreign Minister, started her career in the early 1970s as an illegal abortionist and radical feminist.

...Bonino has boasted that she and her group committed 10,141 illegal abortions. However, she avoided prosecution for the illegal abortions by being elected to public office, thereby gaining parliamentary immunity.
Operated by a Bicycle Pump.

But this is a digression. Back to the schoolchildren:
An Egyptian child living in the suburbs of Rome...asked the Pope why “powerful people don’t help schools”: “We can ask a bigger question,” the Pope answered: “Why do so many powerful people not want peace? Because they live off war, the arms industry is a serious matter! The powerful earn a living by producing and selling arms to countries: it is the industry of death, they make money from it. You know greed is really bad for us, our desire to have more, more money: and when we see that everything revolves around money, that the economic system revolves around money and not around people, around men and women, a great deal is sacrificed and people go to war to defend money. This is why so many people do not want peace: you profit more from war and money but you lose lives, culture, education, you lose so many things...”

“Dear Pope, I am 9 years old and I constantly hear people talking about peace, what is peace?” asked a wheelchair-bound child, adding that he is going to Lourdes with UNITALSI and suggesting that Pope Francis should drive the train so he gets there on time: “You were great!” the Pope answered. “Peace means above all, no more wars but it also means joy, friendship among all, taking steps toward justice every day, taking steps to ensure there are no starving and sick who do not have the means to obtain health assistance. Doing all this is peace. Peace takes effort, it isn’t about being relaxed. We need to work in order to ensure that everyone has a solution to the problems and needs of their land, their country, their family and their society: this is how you make home-made peace.” Peace is not an industrial product, peace is a home-made product, it is created day by day with our work, our life, our love, our closeness, our care. Peace is build every day.” Francis then asked the children to say together: “Where there is no justice, there is no peace”.
This is Marxist bilge.

So, okay, the Pope is not a formal heretic (we haven't had a tribunal yet). Neither was Karl Marx. But let's drop the Marxism thing and proceed to the existentialism part:
Among the many subjects discussed, was illness in children. This is what Francis had to say to Rafael, a little Latin American boy with a heart condition: “Rafael, I was moved by what you said”. Then, answering two questions the child had put to him, the Pope added: “Is there a reason why a boy who has done nothing bad should come into the world with so many problems as he has? This is one of the hardest questions for one to answer: there is no answer. A great Russian writer, Dostoevsky, asked the same question: why do children suffer? One can only look at the sky and wait for answers that cannot be found.” 
One can only look at the sky...

So, I like Dostoevsky as much as anyone. But you know what? According to Catholic teaching, the answers can be found. To start, there's that little thing that Adam did...

Let's get to the heart of it:

Jose Maria Bergoglio: You're a real pope. A true pope. You made it. No one can take that away from you.

You're also a bad pope.

You said that you would only be pope for a few years and would abdicate before your death, following your predecessor, Benedict's example.

Do that.


The Church will be better off. And your immortal soul will be better off.

Please, Pope Francis, abdicate now. 


  1. Read up on "Team Bergoglio" and Cum ex apostolatus officio, and I think you may find that one of your final statements is not entirely well founded

  2. Christ said, "The POOR you will always have with you".

  3. So Jesus lied and Pope Francis will save the world.

    My he sure does a great impersonation of the antichrist.

    Seattle kim

  4. There doesn't need to be a tribunal to depose a heretic-even a pope.

    Read Pope Pius IV's "Apostolic Constitution Cum ex Apostolic Officio" dated February 15, 1559, in particular #6.