Monday, May 4, 2015

Pope Welcomes Little Bo Peep to Vatican

In an organic development of the Second Vatican Council's teachings on ecumenism--proclaimed in Unitatis Redintegratio--the Pope today greeted Little Bo Peep at a Vatican reception. Miss Peep was part of a religious delegation that included Little Jack Horner, the Farmer in the Dell and most of the Children Who Lived in a Shoe, among others.

Initially thought to have missed the meeting, the Itsy Bitsy Spider was spotted gamely climbing up a water spout in the Pope's private gardens.

"This is an opportunity to focus on our common interests so that we can all live happily ever after," declared the Pontiff, over a lunch of curds and whey. "After all, climate change will affect all of us."

This was disputed by the Four and Twenty Naughty Boys, who in the past have been accused of crypto-Lefevbrist tendencies. They were later baked into a pie by Commissioner Volpi.

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