Saturday, May 9, 2015

Palestinian Muslims Lie About Murdered Child

If you're having trouble reading the text beneath the picture, here is a transcription:
It is generally "assumed" that Israeli "defends itself" against Muslim "fundamentalists". The truth is that Israel kills Muslims and Christians indiscriminately and both Arab Muslims and Christians stand together against Israeli occupation of Palestinian land. Ignoring the killing of Christians by mainstream media is convenient because this is how Islam can be easily branded as "the enemy" and Muslims can be branded as the "terrorists".
The photo and text was taken from the website of Occupied Palestine: Blogging 4 Human Rights & Liberation of Palestine! one of the premier pro-Palestinian sites on the web.  You can view it in a section of the site titled Christians in Palestine--in pictures.

Most of the pictures are of Palestinian Christians looking quite happy and, well, Christian--celebrating beautiful Masses in lovely churches, parading in quaint and colorful clothing as part of religious processions, lighting candles for Christmas and the like:

See, goes the message, in the Muslim majority West Bank, Christian Palestinians live in happiness and harmony with their fellow Muslim Palestinians.

Then there's that dead child's hand.

We live in happiness and harmony except that Israel oppresses all of us. Here's the hand of a child, still clutching her cross, killed in an Israeli air raid or some such.

The caption doesn't say that precisely, but that's what we're led to believe.

It's a lie.

The photo of the dead child's hand clutching the cross was taken in Beslan, Russia in 2004. The child was killed during the horrific school hostage siege that resulted in 385 deaths, mostly children.

The child who died clutching her cross wasn't killed by Jews. She was killed by Muslim terrorists.

This can be easily verified here, among other places. Or you can do a Google reverse image search on the picture at the end of this piece.

Now, in truth the photo has become somewhat iconic. And in a number of cases it has been used to illustrate stories having nothing to do with Beslan, though usually pertaining to the deaths or persecutions of Christians. See, for example, here, here and, somewhat grotesquely, here.

But it's rich (and pathetic) that in this case it was used to buttress an argument for how unfair it is to brand Muslims as terrorists, when in fact the photo shows a victim of Muslims as terrorists.

Sure, Christians in the West Bank live lives often filled with Christian color and joy, though their status as a shrinking minority in a hostile environment, is day-by-day becoming more untenable. We should also point out that this is an area ultimately controlled by Israel. If Israel were to relinquish general control of the West Bank or (God forbid) cease to exist, I imagine there would be many more of these sad pictures.

Lies cannot be hidden from God. All of us will receive mercy if we sincerely ask for it. But none of us can avoid His judgment.


The above piece was prompted and inspired by a design created by the Google+ member Really? and posted in the Israel for All Google+ group. The design, along with the original photo, is below:

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  1. Not surprising from a group that sets up their own dramatic photo shoots to release pictures for the stupid MSM.