Friday, July 3, 2015

Do the Writers at America Magazine Know They're Going to Hell?

What, Me Worry?
Do they?

That's not a rhetorical question. Or rather, while if, so to speak, current trends continue there's a high probability that they are going to hell, I'm honestly interested in whether or not they are aware of that.

I'm not merely referring to the recent pro-gay marriage ruling piece, which presumably sums up the editorial view of the magazine. Though, admittedly that was the proximate cause for this post. But more generally I'm referencing their obstinate dissent, denial and opposition to Catholic doctrine and teaching expressed for so many years. In addition, of course, what makes their conduct even more hellish is their maniacal desire to spread their poison to others--dragging as many souls as possible with them.

Nor is this purely a claim about being wrong about Christian truths, or acting wrongly on them. There are many non-Catholics and non-Christians who do these things yet who will in fact be saved. This is because many of them are innocent of these Christian truths. That's perhaps not quite enough to be saved. But at least many of them haven't knowingly rejected Christ so far. They just haven't met Him yet. If they don't fall prey to the lies of America magazine and their like, perhaps they will.

Rather, the writers at America magazine have been exposed to the truth. Most of them took an oath to defend it (as priests or monks), yet they have broken that oath.

Christians often think it is unseemly to talk of these things. How can anyone know who is really going to hell? And we shouldn't presume. Nor should we judge.

But to simply throw up our hands and declare complete ignorance on the matter is to mock God and the Church. The Church is (fairly) clear on what constitutes mortal sin. And to the extent that there is a chance that those wallowing in it may repent, they (if no one else) deserve straight talk.

The current Pope thinks, or at least says he thinks, that Mafia members are going to hell (if they don't repent). Let's take his lead.

Do the writers at America magazine know they're going to hell?

Here are the possibilities:
  1. They don't anymore believe in hell (or perhaps even in God). Therefore, they don't believe they're going there.
  2. They think hell is the destination of fascist traditionalists who make a pharisaical show of taking communion on the tongue and think Jesus invented maniples. At the same time, heaven is for those who understand that Christianity is really about equality and having sympathetic feelings for illegal immigrants. Therefore they believe they're going to heaven, not hell. After all, they went to a pro-illegals rally just last week.
  3. They know they're going to hell, at least subconsciously. But they just can't help going down the path they are on. Or so it seems to them. Earthly things, such as the accolades they receive from secular powers are just too attractive. They know it's wrong but they do it anyway. This obvious sign of their own selfishness coupled with weakness makes them bitter and perhaps even more spiteful and irrational. Thus, they have the demonic urge to take as many people as possible with them.
Some think the answer is 1.
I actually believe it is 3.

Or, rather, the writers at America magazine might have half-convinced themselves that it's 1.
But they know in their hearts it is 3.

As bad as that sounds, I think it's the charitable interpretation. Or at least the hopeful one. Their brains and hearts are not yet dead. They are still men, subject to the same human urges and temptations as all of us.

We can pray for them.

But we can also bear Christian and Catholic witness. What they need is to see that there are some people who can't, pardon me, be bought--that that isn't how it has to be, for anyone, including them.

There were only three disciples at the foot of the cross. All the rest denied Him, including Peter. But we know the rest of the story.

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