Thursday, July 2, 2015

Uncharitable Thursday: Surrender the Tween Togs, Caitlyn!

Wait, didn't you used to play for the Jets?

Okay, so I'm not saying I would do any better. But then, I'm still a man.

From Kirsten Fleming in the July 1st New York Post:
Caitlyn Jenner needs a fashion intervention

...The newly minted Caitlyn has been doing a victory lap in New York since Sunday’s LGBT Pride March in a series of figure-flattering, age-appropriate frocks. On Tuesday, Jenner went shopping at Patricia Field’s Bowery store, where she continued her style showcase as she stepped into the “Sex and the City” stylist’s shop wearing a saucy leopard wrap dress from DVF.
Unfortunately, she emerged looking like a deranged Carrie Bradshaw after a bad acid trip in the JCPenney juniors department... 
The 65-year-old Jenner showed off her long but past-their-prime gams in a stained-glass-panel sequined mini that could have been repurposed from Dorothy Zbornak’s favorite date-night dress. 
She paired it with a dark sequined top and neoprene zip-up jacket with exaggerated shoulders — the preferred silhouette of ex Kris Jenner. 
The crap de grace? A $32 printed, cartoonish “Princess” clutch. 
Can we blame Field for turning the AARP-aged reality star into a bad teenage dream? 
Perhaps Caitlyn is trying to make up for all of those years of dressing in Kohl’s couture — golf shirts and baggy khakis. Either way, it’s time to step back into the black wrap dress — and surrender the tween togs.


  1. This little give-away was interesting in the article linked:

    "The 65-year-old parent to six styled her hair..."

    Yeah, "parent" because he's not a mother, is he?

    1. Well, accepting as a given that Caitlyn is a woman, then "parent" would seem to be the best way to put it. After all, she "fathered" six-children, and in that sense the fact that she is their father can never be changed. On the other hand, it would be odd to call her a father since she is a woman. So, "parent" gets it right. I assume that is the accepted usage in these situations. But I might be wrong.

  2. I'll never see anything but a a male who castrated himself and is wearing a dress and make up. I will say this: The cartoon bag is a perfect match.

    1. I haven't been following it that closely, but I don't think he castrated himself.

  3. Guess Caitlynn won't be attending any Latin Masses in that get up. Chromosones don 't lie, Bruce---you're a dude.

    Question: what do you call a woman who has massive amounts of plastic surgery, gets hair extensions, and wears tons of makeup? Answer: fake

    Question: what do you call a man who does all of the above?
    Answer: brave.

    But now, what would Francis the Perpetually Unclear say? Who am I to judge. Blech.

    Seattle Kim