Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Golden Dawn Parliament Members Are Tough Dudes

I assume this crew is the complete Golden Dawn contingent of the Greek Parliament.

God grant there will never be more than ten of them. That's probably enough to keep Islam out of Southern Europe anyway.

Man these dudes are tough.

Suit and tie. Casual Friday look. Or sports v-neck. It's all good.

To them.

Look at the expressions and body language. As one of the deputies rips up that bill, the one on the left manages a short smile. Then back to that implacable scowl.

Okay, whatever they represent (and in sum, it's probably not good), the ripping up the bill thing is cool. It makes me want to become a politician if only to do that. Just once.

Bald or short hair only. Unless you're a girl. As long as you have the same scowl.

One of the two girls has biceps as big as a guy.

Give them 100 billion drachmas or whatever they want, as long as they just stop scowling.

Allright, 200 billion drachmas. Plus I surrender.

Tough dudes.

I hear that Golden Dawn members are racists. They don't like Africans and probably most other people. I can imagine them as waiters at a Greek restaurant, shouting "Opa!"

When they light you on fire.

Golden Dawn Parliament members are tough dudes.


  1. In the U.S. we miss out so much with our dreary two-party-one-party system. It is my understanding that they are nationalists; I don't know about racism except perhaps as a consequence of nationalism. In American history we would probably have called them "Know Nothings." Who weren't too fond of Catholics. See Gangs of New York.

  2. I think the staccato rapidity of the language also helps the performance. Could you even do that in English?

  3. The Bear's own state rep was pretty impressive.