Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Video Tuesday: Brit Hume Slams Abortion

Say what you like about Fox News--and I should confess that opinions among my Catholic friends are mixed at best--they have a much greater proportion of Christians among their broadcasters and journalists than any other major network. Among other things, this in part leads them to do things no other network would.

Here is Brit Hume, the former long-time anchor of Fox News, and now "Senior Political Analyst" discussing abortion in the wake of the recent and sickening "selling of body parts over salad" revelations:
Whatever comes of the revelations about Planned Parenthood and its participation in the traffic in fetal body parts, those revelations will have achieved one thing--they have parted the veil of antiseptic tidiness behind which the abortion industry has for so long operated. The sight of a senior Planned Parenthood official--and a doctor to boot--discussing the market for fetal body parts, in between bites of salad and sips of wine was stomach turning. That's because it laid bare the essentially brutal nature of abortion. 
Let's be blunt--abortion involves the extraction and killing of a human life, which within a couple weeks of pregnancy has a beating heart. Five weeks in, its hands and legs begin to grow. It is these tiny creatures, and too often ones that are far more developed that are pulled from a mother's womb and crushed with forceps, oh but oh so carefully lest body parts that can later be sold are preserved. 
This gruesome procedure shows the extent to which we as a people have been anesthetized by the estimated fifty-five million--fifty five million!--abortions performed since the Supreme Court discovered a Constitutional right to that procedure, forty-two years ago. 
Will we as a nation not someday come to look upon that decision and what it has done to us, not to mention the fifty-five million, with horror and regret? One can only hope we will.

-Hat tip: Jeremiah Rauwolf


  1. In the Bad Taste file, how about we put dollar amounts on those PP harridans and frankly discuss their body parts and what we think they're worth as physical objects? I wonder how it would feel to see oneself described as "a Gollum-look-alike with sparse gray hair who obviously hasn't wondered what she looks like to a man in at least thirty years? Perhaps murdering babies all day has irreparably damaged her self-esteem, since she's obviously long past caring. ISIS wouldn't even buy her a plane ticket as a sex slave, nor would there be any propaganda value in executing someone everybody hates." Obviously, however, this would lower the tone of the discussion, which is of paramount importance when discussing people who murder baby and sell their parts for a living.

  2. I composed a little ditty on this topic: