Thursday, July 9, 2015

If Some Tinpot Peasant Populist Had Draped Saint John Paul II With Communist Medallions and Then Handed Him a Blasphemous Crucifix, Saint John Paul II Would Have Popped Him on His Bronzed Andean Snoot

The Kulaks were crypto-Lefebvrists.

Okay, maybe not quite. But you know what I mean.

The story for a few hours was that on being handed the vile object--a crucified Jesus with a hammer and sickle substituting for a cross--Pope Francis had said, "this is not right". This was picked up by the Catholicism-as-Dear-Leader-Cult crowd as some sort of brave stand, and "this is not right" photos and captions were forwarded around with maniacal glee. That this was a "brave stand" was already a bit silly. The Pope had a few moments before received medallions around his neck bearing the same blasphemous representation, and after allegedly saying "this is not right," he had smiled and cradled the hammer and sickle Jesus for a few seconds before the cameras.

But now it turns out that the Pope merely had said "I didn't know that" to some piece of offered trivia about the gift.

The hammer and sickle represents one of the most evil and anti-Christian ideologies in human history. It killed well over a hundred million people. Affixing that symbol to Jesus is just about the worst desecration of the image of a crucified Christ one can imagine.

So, now it's said that the Pope was surprised or "blindsided" by the gift. But just a few hours before, he had publicly and profusely praised the late Marxist-Lenninist priest who had designed the horrid thing and--according to reports--always placed it nearby when he slept.

But it is said the Pope didn't know about that either.

We're going to leave this and return in a moment. What of the title to this blog post?  

John Paul II didn't suck up to communists.

He fought them. He was one of the primary actors responsible for bringing down the Wall in Europe. At the same time he combatted communist infiltration of the Church by opposing so-called "liberation theology" in Central and South America, where it had been spawned.

Here he is, in a famous and iconic photo, scolding the Jesuit Ernesto Cardenal, who had refused to resign from the Sandinista government in Nicaragua.

I don't see any hammer and sickle medallions hanging from his neck.

But back to Francis. 

In his current tour of the Americas, Pope Francis has now gone full-blown leftist, endorsing communist priests and "imagining" that Jesus' words at the last supper were really about social revolution.

If that's not quintessential liberation theology, then Karl Marx was a Hindu.

And his rehabilitation of liberation theology--as every South American Catholic leftist, to a man, understands he is doing--is a direct and blatant betrayal of the work of his predecessors Benedict XVI and especially Jon Paul II.

It's not Catholic social teaching. It's Marxist materialist poison.

And it's coming from a Pope.

A Judas Pope.

The Church tells us that Pope John Paul II is at this very moment in heaven.

Undoubtedly he is praying for Francis.

But in regards to the present project of Francis:

Is he praying for it to succeed or for it to fail?  


  1. Lord save us from this awful man!

  2. I lived in a very protestant part of the country where my protestant friends said the pope was the anti-christ and I always said what idiots they were...well I owe them all an apology.

    1. We sure loved our Popes didn't we. And our love for Pope Francis will be shown via prayer and sacrifice ... and correction in accordance with level and competence.

  3. Thank you for such clear and direct writing. God bless you and his work at your hands.

  4. Well, somebody presented JPII with a Koran and he kissed it!!

    What Francis did is, essentially, no different than what JPII did. Both gave "respect" to two ideologies that hate Christianity, let alone Catholicism.

    1. He is now a saint. Let it go.

  5. Francis is a heretic so he can't be a pope. So some of us are not buying into the St JP2 thing.