Sunday, November 29, 2015

Climate Protesters Trash Paris Attack Shrine, Throw Memorial Candles at Police

Let's step on people who died

These guys were protesting the U.N. Climate Summit, which gets underway in a few hours. No, they weren't from the Acton Institute. They're leftists who I guess believe that regulating the Earth back to the Stone Age is too moderate or something. Read a bit more here.

To be fair, one photo seems to show some protesters lighting candles at the memorial (whether for the attack victims or Mother Earth is unclear). But things soon got out of hand. And whether or not most protesters intended to be peaceful, a violent minority soon took control of the momentum.  Did the police attack the protesters? I doubt it. The goal of the provocateurs is to start stuff so others can then cry about it.

Personally I'd be in favor of giving the black-clad anarcho-weenies a one-way trip to the Syrian desert via forced parachute drop. Since they like playing at violence so much, maybe they would appreciate a Holiday in the Caliphate. Axe Spray will not help them there.

Anarchist throwing memorial candle like a girl
"Hey, take me seriously, my mother made me wear this coat."
Real men wear niqabs
Sometimes you just feel like a beer

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