Sunday, November 15, 2015

Europe in 2020

Oddly, I first saw this powerful and short (1:47) video on Friday morning, only a few hours before the Paris attacks. One could say that it has been eclipsed by events. But I don't think that's true. Or at least the perception is that it hasn't.

The perception still is that while Europe may indeed now be in a war, it is merely a "war on terror". Or rather, even if we can identify the particular group--they are members of a maniacal and bloodthirsty cult with headquarters in the Syrian desert-- it's nothing that a determined conventional police and military effort cannot solve.


Even before the recent refugee crisis which brought a million people--mostly young Muslim males--into Europe in only a few months, the Muslim population of most major cities in Western Europe was approaching or surpassing 10%. And if the borders were closed today, the demographic momentum would still double that figure in a generation. This is a grave problem not because Muslims are different per se but because the controlling ideology of their communities is in favor of replacing liberal civilization with illiberal barbarism. ISIS is not the ultimate cause of the current crisis, merely a symptom.

The most notable thing about the identity of the attackers was not that two of them may have "infiltrated" with the refugees, but that a few spoke perfect French and were probably Parisians.

Islam is at war with Europe, whether Europe wishes to acknowledge it or not. And its "soldiers" have already arrived.

A few words about the video. It's a bit too "racial" for my taste. A few years ago I might even have called it racist. The text claims that immigrants are "bringing their wars with them". That's not quite right, and it's certainly not fair to, say, the minority Christian refugees who have been on the receiving end of those wars. 

I couldn't care less about "white people" or even "Europeans" if defined as a quasi-race. Bring in more Syrian Christians or Somali animists or Hindus or Chinese. Heck, even a few more Americans. Europe would probably be better for it. It's Islam not racial or religious diversity that is the enemy.

But possible disagreements aside, I applaud the video's creators.  

The attacks on Friday were the beginning. What will be the end?

I expect large scale violence--on a scale much greater than we have so far seen. The worst scenario is civil war.

Either Islam will be effectively banned, which presumably would provoke a violent response (it's too late for that not to happen) or it won't be. But if it isn't effectively banned, then it will only grow in strength, largely though not entirely due to demographics. I do not believe most Europeans want to live under Sharia, nor (unfair jokes about the French aside) will they put up with a plurality Muslim-leftist alliance that may attempt to impose it on them.

So, one way or another, real war will come, perhaps not by 2020 (though even that is possible), but sooner than most of us think.

I hope I'm wrong. But at this point doing nothing (except hoping) isn't enough. Whatever we do will involve more terrorism, violence and, yes, war of some kind. But what can we do to minimize it, or to at least avoid the worst-case scenario depicted below?