Sunday, November 8, 2015

Naked Under My Burka III: Tented Turkish Tryster Taken for Terrorist

File photo of men in burkas

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I don't know what percentage of women in Turkey wear the burka. I assume it's still a relatively small minority. But I suspect it's growing fast.

But in, say, a country like Saudi Arabia where virtually all adult women wear a burka in public, it would be surprising if the burka as disguise wasn't employed fairly often, for all sorts of reasons, including the one below. Or so it would seem to this cynic.

From France24 (8 November, 2015) via Religion of Peace:
Burqa-clad Turkish 'suicide bomber' turns out to be lover in disguise
ISTANBUL (AFP) - A Turkish man detained as a suspected would-be suicide bomber in northern Turkey was actually wearing a burqa to disguise himself to meet a secret lover from a dating site, local media reported Sunday. 
Locals in the Black Sea province of Ordu alerted police of a "would-be suicide bomber" on Saturday after noticing that a burqa-clad "woman" talking on the phone at a bus stop was wearing men's shoes, Dogan news agency said. 
A police team arrived at the scene and "unmasked" the man, who was dressed in a full-length, Islamic-style black robe with a niqab -- the head covering worn by many Muslim women -- covering his face. Authorities detained him for "inflicting fear and panic in the public," Dogan reported. 
The 33-year-old man, who is married with two children, told police that he had resorted to the burqa disguise in order to secretly meet a woman he had met on an online dating site for the first time. 
Turkey is on high alert after a series of deadly attacks blamed on the Islamic State (IS) jihadist group, including a massive twin suicide bombing at a peace rally in Ankara on October 10 that killed 102 people in the worst-ever terror attack in Turkey's history.

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