Monday, November 30, 2015

Pope Pops Off Again at Altitude: Catholics Who Believe in Absolute Truth Do Evil, Fundamentalist Christians Sacked Rome, Muslim Values Are My Values, Ignore Church's Teaching on Contraception Until All Drinking Water is Safe, It's MY Church and I'm Just Like Jesus

No, Holy Father, it is you who do evil.

From National Catholic Reporter:
Francis also faced a question about the church's teaching prohibiting use of artificial contraception from a journalist who asked if the church should consider changing its stance on the issue -- particularly on the use of condoms -- given the continuing spread of HIV/AIDS in Africa. 
"The question seems too small to me," the pontiff responded. "It seems to me also like a partial question." 
"The morality of the church is found on this point, I think, in front of a perplexity," he said. "Fifth or Sixth commandment? Defend life, or that sexual relations be open to life? This is not the problem. The problem is bigger." 
"This question makes me think of what they asked Jesus one time: 'Tell me, master, is it licit to heal on the Sabbath?'" Francis continued. 
"Malnutrition, exploitation of persons, slave work, lack of drinking water," he said. "These are the problems." 
"I do not like to descend into reflections that are so casuistic when people are dying," he continued. "I would say to not think if it is licit or not licit to heal on the Sabbath. I say to humanity: Make justice, and when all are healed, when there is not injustice in this world, we can speak of the Sabbath." 
Francis also spoke out strongly again against religious fundamentalism, saying that fundamentalism exists in all religions and should be combatted with efforts at friendship. He said he prefers not to speak of having tolerance for other religious, but "living together, friendship." 
"Fundamentalism is a sickness that is in all religions," said the pontiff. "We Catholics have some -- and not some, many -- who believe in the absolute truth and go ahead dirtying the other with calumny, with disinformation, and doing evil." 
"They do evil," said the pope. "I say this because it is my church." 
"We have to combat it," he said. "Religious fundamentalism is not religious, because it lacks God. It is idolatry, like the idolatry of money." 
On a similar line, Francis also defended Islam, saying that Muslims have many constructive values. 
"I even have the experience of friendship -- it is a strong word, friendship -- with a Muslim," said the pontiff. "We can speak. His values are mine. He prays. I pray." 
"You cannot cancel out a religion because there are some groups, or many groups in a certain point of history, of fundamentalists," said the pope, adding that Christians have to ask forgiveness for the many times wars have been perpetrated in the name of their faith. 
"Like everything, there are religious people with values and those without," he said. "But how many wars … have Christians made? The sacking of Rome was not done by Muslims, eh?"


  1. He is breathtaking in his destruction of the Faith. He slaps Jesus in the face daily. Are there no brave men to depose him? He is eroding the faith of millions.

  2. Artificial contraception has caused the exploitation of untold millions of women. Can the pope not see this? He is a bumbler and a destroyer.

  3. This is breathtaking in its violence to the Catholic Church. Pope Francis may be a Catholic, but he sounds more like a Deist with strong humanitarian leanings. He is obsessed with his historic role in ending world poverty and bringing peace. His ambitions sound much like a messiah. And if this idiotic statement has any legs, we'll have people saying "Pope Francis said contraception is no big deal, and, by the way, who am I to judge?"

  4. "who believe in the absolute truth and go ahead dirtying..." that is a very big mistranslation. He said: who believe to posses absolute truth. Big difference! Pope Francis says many troubling things, but he didn't just deny absolute truth.
    He also didn't say the Muslim's values were his. He said: "We can talk. These values: He prays, I pray. Prayer, for example, and fasting, are religious values. Also the values".

    Now, I do vote for the erasure of satanic "religions" at their core. And I am perplexed that we should even think about comparing something like that to the true religion. Obama deja-vu here.. the crusades... Pfft!

    1. Thanks, Mex. God bless you.

    2. Don't fall for the common tactic of the Modernist: using language that's just ambiguous enough that everyone knows what you mean, but your supporters can cover for you by interpreting it in a way that seems orthodox. We know what Francis means by statements like these because we've been hearing them from liberal clergy and religious for decades, from the pulpits and in the classrooms. If he didn't want to be understood that way, he'd say something else or be clearer and correct misunderstandings after they emerge.

      He talks the way he does about "fundamentalists" and "possessing absolute truth" because he disagrees with them. Catholics believe that the Church does possess the truth, and he takes shots at those who hold to that doctrine because he's an indifferentist. He talks about our so-called "shared values" with Mohammedans for the same reason: to encourage the idea that no religion is superior to another, they're just different flavors of worship and different ways to try to be a good person.

      Remember the words of Pope St. Pius X: "It is one of the cleverest devices of the Modernists (as they are commonly and rightly called) to present their doctrines without order and systematic arrangement, in a scattered and disjointed manner, so as to make it appear as if their minds were in doubt or hesitation, whereas in reality they are quite fixed and steadfast."

  5. He should step down or be removed. The man is mad!

  6. St. John speaks of 'true' worshippers of God and how God must be worshipped not only in Spirit, but also in Truth.

    I believe Francis would cleave the Spirit from the Truth and therein lies the gravest of dangers that he represents.

    "But an hour is coming, and now is, when the true worshipers will worship the Father in spirit and truth; for such people the Father seeks to be His worshippers. God is spirit, and those who worship Him must worship in spirit and truth." John 4:23-24

  7. Bergoglio rants and rages before his media masters and echoes the same debased ideology as his fellow persons in the secularist trinity: Bergoglio, Obama and Soros. He truly is the Vicar of secularism.

  8. Here is a good reflection on the present matter that has not become shop-worn with the passage of time. .

  9. I would not trust National Catholic Reporter to give me the time of day accurately. Surely the Pope already knows that the Sack of Rome in 846 was done by Saracens (Muslims).

    1. Yes! I may write on that tonight. As I follow it, historians seem to be divided on the semantic question of whether to not it was a proper "sack" or merely a "raid", as they didn't make it into the walled part of the city. But they did plunder and desecrate the tombs of St. Paul and St. Peter--probably the two richest prizes of the city.

  10. Obama and Francis make a great unChristian team.