Wednesday, November 4, 2015

The LAST Word on Scalfari

Loyal son of the New Church

I'm not saying it's the LAST word because I'm so much wiser or whatever, only that I'm tired of the whole thing.

It's now clear that the Eugenio Scalfari interviews in the anticlerical La Repubblica are actually an important part of Bergoglio's controlled demolition of the Church. In the interviews all sorts of heresies are proclaimed, as befits a South American Jesuit who came of age in the late twentieth-century: Indifferentism (proselytism is solemn nonsense), relativism (what really matters is that we all journey towards our own conceptions of the good) annihilationism or universalism (there is no hell), Kasperism (doctrine should bend to practicality) and so on.

Bergoglio knows the message that he believes these things, and thus that they are now quasi-official teachings of the Church, will get out, not because everyone reads Scalfari, but because his words will gradually filter down to the bishops, priests and Catholic masses through secondary articles, headlines and the like. And they will be, as it were, implemented, just as surely as if that kissing priest had written an encyclical for him.

Is Bergoglio worried about opposition? Sure. But telegraphing his thoughts through Scalfari gives him a certain protection. There will always be someone--even the official Vatican spokesman--who will imply (though never actually say) that these are not really Bergoglio's thoughts. Don't trust that atheist journalist spinning his words, etc. etc. This of course is ridiculous, but it gives his potential opponents just enough cover to provide an excuse to mask their own cowardice in doing and saying nothing. And Bergoglio, being an arch-coward himself, knows that most men grapple with that vice.

Doctrine is never officially challenged or denied, but it is undermined just as surely as if Bergoglio had solemnly declared what's what from the throne of St. Peter.

The latest Bergoglio claims, made via Scalfari, favoring communion for the divorced and remarried, are not a "trial balloon". They are, as it were, part of the balloon.

Even Phil Lawler, whom I (amazingly) still respect, is continuing to spout nonsense about the Pope being an incompetent interviewee. Please. Bergoglio knows exactly what he is doing, and has done so since the beginning. How do you think this Jesuit became bishop and then Cardinal?

I can already see the snarky responses: "So, you think it's all an evil conspiracy?!!" (smirk, smirk, smirk, smarmy and leaden Patheos prose, smirk).

Well, I don't know about conspiracy (though It's certainly evil). But it's clearly a strategy.

And, to give credit where credit is due, it's a damn good strategy. Literally.

The only defense for Begoglio now is that he's an utter imbecile. As tempting as that is, I reject it, for the reasons given above. Again, how did he make it this far?

To repeat the claims of the previous post, if you are still going along with this charade, you are aligned with the forces of hell. The clock is ticking for you. It is ticking for us.

Bergoglio must be resisted. And the movement that has buffeted him to the pinnacle of the Church must be fought and defeated. 

Oh yeah, the Muslim hordes are again at the gates of Vienna--abetted by Bergoglio and his allies. There's that too.

Pray for us, Charles Borromeo. 


  1. Let's put this to bed succinctly: Scalfari is Bergoglio's reliable source sock-puppet. Otherwise, why have his number on the Rolodex?

  2. If I were a contestant on the Dating Game and had to choose between Scalfari and Bergoglio--I would most definitely choose the ethical atheist over the compromising theologian.

    Seattle kim

  3. Also ---- better chance of Scalfari being heterosexual.

    Seattle Kim.

  4. You well understand Bergoglio's marketing of evil. All part of the plot.