Friday, November 20, 2015

The New Mexico: French Anti-Terror Captain Gives Interview Wearing Bataclava

In Mexico and other Central American countries, anti-drug cartel police commonly wear balaclavas or face masks so as to preclude retaliation against them or their families.

France is the new Mexico.

That this is the new normal in a "First World" nation is of course obscene.

But it will get worse.

From NBC News via the Daily Mail:
The commando leader who led the police assault on the Bataclan concert hall (inset bottom right, the aftermath of the massacre) following Friday's massacre in Paris has described the 'Hell on earth' his team found as they stormed the building. Jeremy (left, wearing a balaclava, stands next to the shield used by his elite unit during the raid), the captain of the commando team, spoke to NBC News on the condition that his last name was not used. Jeremy said his team had to ignore the desperate pleas of dying victims of the sickening mass murder as they hunted down the jihadis. The terrorists were hiding in a back room with 20 more hostages, but the elite unit were eventually able to get close enough to engage the ISIS jihadis, who blew themselves up using suicide vests.

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