Saturday, September 24, 2016

GOT HIM! Shooter Described as "Hispanic" is Arcan Cetin from Adana, Turkey

The name has been circulating on social media for the last few hours, at first seemingly based on the fact that his Facebook and Twitter pictures looked like the photographs of the shooter on the Cascade Mall security cameras. But multiple reliable sources have now confirmed that Arcan Cetin, 20, originally from Adana Turkey is the suspect now in custody.

Cetin was arrested without incident in Oak Harbor, Washington earlier this evening.

EDIT (10:00 AM CST 9/23/16): I removed Cetin's Tweet referring to his alleged ex-girlfriend, as well as the picture of them together. It appears that she had been previously employed at the Macy's, but she wasn't present in the mall during the shooting, and I have yet to see any evidence confirming the initial rumor that his motive for the murders involved her. As far as I can tell, the incident now appears to have been an attack against random strangers.


  1. I was stunned when early reports so blithely described the assailant as "Hispanic". Never in a million years would they suggest he appeared "Middle Eastern or Arab", yet when I looked at the initial grainy photo of him and noted his greyish olive skin and featured I thought he looked so typically like a person from the region extending from Morroco to Afghanistan. From the Muslim world, in other words. Much more so than a Hispanic person. Our senses are not always foolproof, but we do attempt to organise our world into broad catagories to help apprehend reality and he looked more like a typical Muslim to me.

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