Thursday, September 29, 2016

Libertarian Follies: Bill Weld Names Angela Merkel His Favorite Foreign Leader; Gary Johnson has a HIGH TIMES Flashback

Chris Matthews, Gary Johnson and Bill Weld

The 2016 Libertarian Party ticket of Gary Johnson and Bill Weld is a joke.

The Party has been hijacked by two B-list political self promoters - one, a quasi-socialist pothead with a permanently fried memory; the other, an Obama-supporting professional dilettante.

And neither is any more libertarian than, say, Mark Ruffalo.

Yesterday, during a televised town meeting, they were both interviewed by MSNBC's Chris Matthews. Johnson had another self-proclaimed "Aleppo moment" when he couldn't name a foreign leader that he most admired. (It was pretty clear that he couldn't name a single foreign leader, period.) Finally, he blurted out, "the former president of Mexico," but when Mathews asked him "which one?" he merely replied with a pathetic hang-dog look.

Weld tried to help him by saying "Fox" (for Vincente Fox, Mexican president from 2001 to 2006) and Johnson enthusiastically nodded his head.

"Yeah, Vincente Fox. He was terrific."

Then right at the end of the clip, Weld offered his own choice - "Meaurkle," he said, pronouncing the German Prime Minister's name with a dilettantish accent.

As if mass sexual assault were particularly libertarian. Though, perhaps for Johnson and Weld, it's right up there with gun control and forcing Christians to bake cakes.

But I couldn't figure out Johnson's choice of Vincente Fox. As the center-right President of Mexico for six years, Fox didn't do a lot more than make gaffes and preserve the corruption and gang killing status quo. Could Johnson have named Fox because of his recent tiff with Donald Trump? Or perhaps Johnson simply remembered him from his time as governor of a border state.

Then I came across this on Wikipedia:
Vicente Fox gave a video interview in July 2013 to High Times, in which he discussed the failure of drug prohibition, and cited Portugal's decriminalization policies as "working splendid(ly)". He said he supports drug legalization despite not being a user himself...


  1. There's some more of that smirky pride, "oooh look at me I can say "Merkel" without actually saying her full name or title. That way it sounds like I know her and only the cool kids know who I'm talking about."

    Ugh, not only do these people have no interest in actual dialogue, they're seemingly incapable of it.

  2. Classic Gary Johnson in a nutshell. For more hilarity, check this video: