Friday, September 2, 2016


Yesterday, Frank Walker of Canon212 wrote the following at his blog The Stumbling Block. The occasion was Pope Francis' latest risible rant.

The post had a one word title,

Deep in my memory I recall a kid, a really horrible obnoxious kid from my years at Catholic school during the disgraceful era of Pope Paul VI. He was never up to anything but trouble. I remember him whenever I come across this picture of young Pope Francis. 
At this point, it would be obvious to any reasonable, normal, thinking person, regardless of his faith or lack of it, that the Catholic Church no longer really exists in a physical sense. Very few people understand that there is a living ‘Church Militant’, albeit now basically underground. They just see bishops, priests and men like Francis, an entirely thoughtless ass and a wrecker. They know that there were no men among our faithful to prevent him, and now our Church is as dead as the others. 
Who in the world would want to join the Church of Francis now, a Church who’s very leader is a loud, lying hypocrite; a messianic propagandist for the monster state, a friend of ISIS? They’d have to be a very strange person indeed, or they’d have to be paid.
One of the worst things imaginable appears to be coming true.

The Catholic Church no longer really exists in a physical sense.

And the Pharisees are still getting paid by the click.

Note that the point is qualified by referencing the "underground church." And there is of course historical precedent for that. That doesn't make it alright.    

Frank took his title from a post at Weasel Zippers, where "stop" wasn't the title but the entire text.

There's another word of equal length to denote just where Bergoglio can go. 


  1. GOSPINA PORUKA 02 . 09. 16 .

    Draga Djeco !

    Po volji moga Sina i mojom majčinskom ljubavlju dolazim
    k vama , svojoj djeci , a posebno onima koji još nisu
    upoznali ljubav moga Sina . Dolazim k vama koji mislite
    na mene , koji me zazivate . Vama dajem moju Majčinsku
    ljubav i nosim blagoslov svoga Sina .

    Imate li čista i otvorena srca ? Vidite li darove , znakove
    moje nazočnosti i ljubavi ? Djeco moja , u svom zemaljskom životu povedite se mojim primjerom . Moj
    život je bio bol , šutnja i neizmjerna vjera i povjerenje u
    Nebeskog Oca . Ništa nije slučajno , ni bol , ni radost , ni
    patnja , ni ljubav .

    Sve su to milosti koje vam moj Sin dodjeljuje i koje vas
    vode u vječni život . Moj Sin od vas traži ljubav i
    molitvu u Njemu . Ljubiti i moliti u Njemu znači - kao
    majka ću vas učiti - moliti u tišini svoje duše , a ne samo recitirati usnama .

    To je i najmanja lijepa gesta učinjena u ime moga Sina ,
    to je strpljivost , milosrđe , prihvaćanje boli i žrtva učinjena
    radi drugog . Djeco moja , moj Sin vas gleda . Molite da
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    istinu .

    Molite da biste je shvatili i mogli širiti ljubav i nadu , da
    biste mogli biti apostoli moje ljubavi . Na poseban način
    moje majčinsko srce ljubi pastire . Molite za njihove
    blagoslovljene ruke . Hvala vam .

  2. Boy oh boy are we ever in deep now!

  3. Oakes, what the heck, I see this too and every day for months now throw myself upon my laptop each evening believing, I guess, in my heart of hearts that one day the news will be that someone of import has stopped the bleed in it's tracks, but, that day never happens. It's not coming, is it.
    I loved the Catholic church, but only the underground church is alive in my heart, this NewChurch is dead to me. The canonization of Mother Teresa just seems another convenient propaganda effort, to be used as an example of "loving the poor" and of course merrzee. I hate that word now. I listen to Catholic radio now and then and at this point it feels like a party is going on in the house we use to live in, as if we went away for vacation and an invading horde came in and are living it up and nobody cares. Problem? What problem. Hope and global change!

  4. The bright side is, the more ridiculous Jorge Bergoglio becomes, the more irrelevant he becomes to anyone with discernment. We should talk about "discernment of spirits" more often now. It is a gift of the Holy Spirit, a charism. I believe we are seeing those who have received this gift recoiling at the spirit that animates Pope Francis - the Spiritus Mundi.

    1. Maybe. But part of Frank's point is that it's not just Bergoglio. Bergoglio didn't kill (or almost kill) the physical Church. he's just giving it the coup de grace. Bergoglio is there because of the silent apostasy or at least cowardice of most of the rest of the Church. And who will come after? Even now after not even four years, most cardinals will have been appointed by him.

    2. Maybe I lack imagination but only divine intervention can do it. I have to hope that "when you are weak Christ is strong" applies here.

  5. "The gates of Hell will not prevail against the Church" is a promise from Our Lord Himself. Let's trust Him and Him alone!

  6. One more thing: Just as Christ once hurled a whip to chase the money-changers out of the Temple, let us all pray that once again, the Lord will use, not a little whip but a gigantic over-sized whip to throw the current vermin out of His Church!

    God bless us all!

  7. It's not the Church of Bergolio. It is Jesus' Church, and will always be.Pray, frequent the Sacraments, live a moral life, go to Mass and stop making the troubles now the center of your life. Want to do something more? Go to Adoration and be sure you are praying a rosary every day.