Friday, September 2, 2016

Good Morning! And the Location of Your Muslim Stabbing of the Day Is . . .

 . . . Vincennes, France, outside of Paris.

A man has been shot dead by French security forces after attacking a nurse and stabbing a police officer on the outskirts of Paris. 
The medic had been called to his home in the eastern suburb of Vincennes when the attack started on Friday morning, Le Parisen reported. 
When police arrived at the scene, the 29-year-old suspect stabbed one of the officers in the neck before being shot dead by his colleagues. 
The injured police officer was taken to hospital and was believed to be in a stable condition. 
Authorities have given no further details on the attack or a possible motive but told local newspapers the assailant had recently left a psychiatric hospital.
That's redundant. With so many mentally ill at large, all of Western Europe is a psychiatric hospital.

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  1. At least they're not bothering trying to take them alive anymore. 'Shoot to kill' should be SOP in these cases from now on.