Monday, September 12, 2016

Innocent Fun in Merkel's Police State: Children Invited to Try Out Toy Water Cannon Truck (VIDEO)

Hey kids! If you join the Bereitschaftspolizei, you can spray water at people! It will be just like a picnic game!

It was the Bereitschaftspolizei or rapid-reaction police that used water cannon to suppress an opposition PEGIDA march a few months ago in Cologne (see second video).

Comparisons are increasingly being made to the Volkspolizei, the East German paramilitary force responsible for enforcing public order. Volkspolizei units helped build the Berlin Wall, among other things.

In the video, children, including toddlers, line up to take target practice at a plastic cup.

The warning written on the side of the pretty toy vehicle, means "Please keep your distance."


  1. Gotta say, Oakes, this looks like Germans being German. Scratch that. Germans being very German.

    1. I know. But for once I was trying not to make snarky comments about other nationalities.