Friday, September 16, 2016

Shut Up, We All Explained

He wouldn't be laughing if he really thought God had a sense of smell

(H/t 1P5)

Bergoglio is the master. And he's trolling us like a boss:
The Pope said people can 'sniff out' priests or bishops who are 'lying spellbinders' and 'narcissists' 
He also said bishops must not get caught up in a game of numbers with vocations, but focus more on quality and forming mature priests, who are not slaves to their personal vices and weaknesses... 
“The world is tired of lying spellbinders and, allow me to say, ‘trendy’ priests or bishops. The people sniff them out – they have God’s sense of smell – and they walk away when they recognise narcissists, manipulators, defenders of their own causes, auctioneers of vain crusades,” he said... 
In essence, he said, their task is to make God’s mercy “pastoral”, that is, accessible, tangible and readily encountered. To do that, the Pope said bishops need to be able to: fascinate and attract; initiate and guide people; and accompany those in need... 
“Kindness, beauty, truth, love and the good – look how much we can offer this pleading world, even in cracked vessels...” 
The Pope urged the bishops to never give up on people despite the confusion in the world. Often, he said, it’s more convenient to just shut it out or “invent bitter speeches in order to justify the laziness that immobilises us in the static sound of vain complaints.” 
Initiating or preparing people for God and his “abyss of love” is key, he said. 
“Today too much fruit is being demanded from trees that have not been cultivated enough,” he said. Everything needs proper and ongoing preparation, and neglecting that has also resulted in today’s crisis in education and values, “emotional illiteracy,” and a lack of discernment, vocations and peacemaking... 
Never forget the “shiver” of love and trepidation felt when God called and still calls you, the Pope told the bishops. It is not necessary to put up a front or “invent a profile” when we have God...
 Read the full account of his speech to new bishops here.

Or better, don't.


  1. "The Pope said people can 'sniff out' priests or bishops who are 'lying spellbinders' and 'narcissists'"

    We can begin sniffing out the chief 'lying spellbinder and narcissist' himself, i.e, Pope Francis, demonic narcissist extraordinaire.

    Pope Francis has become an embarrassment to himself and the Church--a truly ridiculous figure.

  2. And remember: "If you don't recycle, Go to confession!"

  3. Has he ever tried encouraging and supporting the priests? He is a relentless taskmaster, were I a priest I would be depressed and completely sick of him. His verbal drivel is taxing on the spirit, always insults, always chastising. Lord, have mercy on us all and come to our aid.

    1. The Church of Mercy is a relentless nag.

    2. for a minute there I thought you were describing hillary....well, both/and, eh?

    3. "Thomas, Thomas. Does a man need a Pope to tell him when he's sinned?" - Henry VIII to Thomas More - "A Man for All Seasons"

  4. Abyss of Love sounds like a phrase from a cheesy romance novel. Shiver of love? Emotional illiteracy? Double dittos.

    1. probably taken verbatim out of that literary masterpiece "Heal me With Your Mouth; the Art of Kissing", by bergoglios personal mouthpiece 'Tucho'.

      You can't make this crap up.

  5. The projection with this guy is textbook...and completely off the charts. I've heard (thanks Hilary White) that narcissists will ridicule others for their own worst vices, but good Lord, I have never seen it so transparently on display.

  6. Susan---Tucho's official nickname is Smoochy.

    Seattle kim