Friday, November 25, 2016

BREAKING: The Bastard is Dead

You have to break some eggs to make a shabby socialist dictatorship

Fidel Castro died yesterday at the age of 90.

In the Americas, he was the greatest mass murderer of the last century.

That counts the prisoners killed by firing squad, the assassinated or "disappeared," the men and women who died in his prison camps, the men, women and children who perished at sea trying to flee his tyranny - often due to direct attacks from regime boats and aircraft - those who suffered premature deaths due to the poverty that he created, and of course the hundreds of thousands who died in the wars and guerrilla operations that he launched or participated in outside of Cuba.

The bastard is dead.

But those who supported him in one way or another, still have the blood of his victims on their hands.

How does that taste with the Thanksgiving leftovers?


  1. Will Francis be presiding at the funeral?

    Seattle kim

  2. Oakes: How do you suppose Pope Francis will react? Scandalously is the word that springs to mind.

    1. "Sad news." Eponymous Flower links to the Reuters report.

  3. Yep. Frank the Red Pope is "grieving" the death of Castro. For 90 years the doors of mercy were open to Fidel. How much does anyone want to bet that when Pope Francis had a nice chat with Fidel a while back repentance, conversion, and other such "solemn nonsense" were not on the list for discussion. Maybe it was but it wouldn't match the pattern.

    Wasn't it OLV who said that in these days, the Masonic sects would rule everywhere? While I'm sitting comfortably in my living room this morning, starving people in Caracas are chasing down rats and dogs thanks in part to the efforts of Castro to spread his particular "masonic sect", Communism.

  4. Obama showed his true colors, as usual, to everyone except discerning Democrats. His response was "history will judge Castro" as in, "there is no God who will judge him" and two "let's not criticize Communism...". We really can't thank God enough to see this mini-tyrant out of our White House.